What’s More Important: Excuses or Results?


As a coach, I hear from a lot of people who claim they want something bigger and better for themselves: “I don’t have the money.”

More often than not, this money story is an excuse to avoid growing and going beyond your comfort zone. Yes, it might be a stretch to come up with extra money – this is actually part of the growth process, part of stepping into and recognizing your power. Because look – if you stay in familiar territory you won’t ever get what you really want. It’s just reality.

In order to achieve more, it DOES require risk, discomfort, and usually courage. Otherwise everyone would have everything they want!

Do you want to be the BEST version of your amazing self… or stay where you are, continuing to get what you’ve been getting?

How will you feel about avoiding the opportunity? Like you had another failure? And guess how you’ll feel after committing, then getting results? How does someone who finishes a marathon or triathlon feel?

And really, there is no price too big or too small when it comes to investing in yourself. You only get the one life (as far as we know for sure) – I want you to encourage you to make that life as BIG and LOUD and INCREDIBLE as possible.


Which doesn’t allow for falling back on old excuses (which by now have become limiting beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of).

So I’ll ask again: what is more important – excuses (familiar territory, comfort, lack of risk) or results (courage, commitment, self-respect, your best self/life)????

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