What To Do About Pain

What To Do About Pain


Let’s talk about pain.


Pain, and especially chronic pain, is one of the major reasons my clients choose to work with me. My story of chronic pain lasted SIXTEEN YEARS. Pain so bad it was limiting, debilitating, and hugely affected my self-esteem. It felt like even my eyelashes hurt. Chronic illness seemed like a curse…but of course those long years were a blessing and wakeup call.  


Living organisms move toward pleasure & away from pain



What to do about pain?


1) If the pain is from an injury (acute), address it immediately based on what is most appropriate, combined with your preference and values (for instance, I’m a fan of physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, etc). Once the body is set right and has time to heal, the pain will disappear. 


2. If the pain is ongoing (chronic) or recurring (repeated ‘accidental’ injuries), there’s something deeper to uncover. Repressed emotional pain often turns into physical pain, injury, disease, cancer…on and on. The longer it goes unaddressed, the worse it gets. This is the body’s way of (trying to) get your attention.


In my experience, lasting pain has an emotional root: unexpressed emotion combined with the story we tell ourselves about an event (usually in our past, often from childhood). Until this pain is separated from the story (the version you see as truth but is actually your interpretation, which may be ‘hurting’ you) and FELT, you’ll continue to feel pain. To feel is to heal. Once it is released, you’ll feel liberated, body and soul! 


This process, Trauma Release Process (TRP), is part of the work I do with clients all over the world, and it is powerful. Even one session can be pivotal in releasing pain while increasing freedom.


With awareness, comes the opportunity to shift. What appears to be a painful body may really be an anguished soul. 


If you don’t have access to someone who can guide you through identifying and releasing old baggage, now may be the time to do so (there’s a reason you chose to read this email today!). 


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