This One Awareness Changes Everything

This One Awareness Changes EVERYTHING

Have you been struggling with something? Your health, level of happiness, a relationship, money, love or [insert issue here].






Yep, you heard me! While struggle isn’t generally pleasant in the moment, that’s when we gain the most. And (like everything), *HOW* we approach it that makes all the difference. Do you welcome challenges or do anything and everything to avoid them? 


Here’s something to consider

What if it isn’t about the thing itself (health challenge, lack of money, feeling stuck, not having the love relationship you desire, etc), but actually YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO IT?!!


Let me explain…when I got sick almost 25 years ago and as the illness became chronic and weeks turned into months then years, I became more and more worried, stressed, fearful, anxious, depressed, confused, doubtful and hopeless. 


The fear became worse than the health situation itself


I lived in a self-imposed prison of fear and anxiety. For over a decade. Assuming it was my health, my body, my situation that was creating limitations, unhappiness, and a tiny life. My relationship to what was was fearful, frustration and avoidant. 


The truth is, fear, stress, worry, anxiety (and all that came along with it) were the real reasons I wasn’t living the life I imagined for myself as a child!


My relationship to what was happening turned my life into a prison


So my question for you today darling, is (know that I’m asking in love and service to you): where are you making the beliefs about your situation (cuz we all have something a-happening!) worse than it really is?


Let yourself really sit with this question because the mind is a trickster. The mind will try to tell you that it’s not you (what you’re telling yourself, your beliefs or assumptions, your fear about it), it’s truly the situation. Give yourself permission for full honesty.


Loving You!


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