This is Key For Health and Happiness

This Is Key For Health & Happiness

When it comes to health, there’s one essential key to it all. It’s not something you’re going to want to hear…




What you do most consistently is what you’ll get!


Quick Exercise (one of the things I have my clients do):

Ask yourself: what are my 3 most consistent behaviors, 3 most frequent thoughts and 3 most prevalent states of being (feelings)? These will determine your results. 


It’s human nature to look for shortcuts. If you can have what you want sooner – or right away – and especially without putting in a ton of effort, why not?!!



The problem? There’s no magic pill or button.



It’s consistency that predicts your result. If you do something once, you’ll get a tiny result. If you do something once a day, results improve. It’s when you do something regularly that results really show. 



Especially with health and weight loss.



When it comes to health and weight loss, there’s plenty of information on the web, in books and audios and such that provide education. AND, information that isn’t put to use doesn’t change anything or improve your life. It’s just useless facts 🙂



That’s why successful people, high-achievers, and people who are SERIOUS about getting results hire coaches: for personalized direction, customized strategy, encouragement, and consistency. When my clients encounter resistance (part of the process of change/transformation), I’m there so they don’t give up. I’m there to remind them of their bigger goals. I’m there so they don’t slip back into old patterns of failure or unworthiness. 


It’s basic math. 


Consistency = Results 




To get started, book your consult. We’ll figure out your plan for nutrition, health, supplementation therapy, self-sabotaging patterns, mindset, and more.


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