The Process of Becoming

The Process of Becoming

Sometimes to get the life we REALLY want, we have to shed all sorts of things that seem unrealistic/unfair/impossible…the question is only what you want MOST, then making a decision. Combined with getting the support and resources to follow through.

I never thought I’d have to give up so much in order to be healthy again (I never thought I could)… not just a whole list of foods but old assumptions, limiting beliefs, untrue identities, and all the ‘payoffs’ for being sick (attention, always having an excuse, validation, being a victim, getting things my way, etc). Poor health was my go-to for why I wasn’t leading the life I really wanted – and it was a complete cop-out

I was holding on TIGHTLY to the things that were destroying me: inflammatory foods, lifestyle choices, allowing my illness to define me, not taking responsibility for my life. I was REFUSING to give up foods I loved (for years!). I was associating these things with ME…but none of us are the bodies we live in, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the foods we eat, the emotions we feel, or even the choices we make.

So often I see people hanging on to things that just aren’t serving them, in fact are disempowering them. Just as I didn’t see it when I was IN it, people who come to me for help are often so caught up in their own beliefs of perceived reality, they cannot see the truth:

We are all INFINITE, limitless, endless!

The stuff we try to desperately hang on to only defines us if we let it define us. This is a choice.
Your choice.

That’s the truth.

with Love,


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