The Missing Piece

Ever wonder why you sabotage yourself? Say you want one thing then do the absolute opposite??? Then wonder what happened. Questioning if you lack willpower or strength.

Nope! There’s another reason and it’s not you (the conscious part of your brain).

I’ll explain…

These days in personal development, “inner child work” is all the thang. What does it even mean? Yeah…we all have a childlike part of us. The one that says, yeahhhhh I want ice cream! And, boo to work!!

So we have this inner child. But so what?

Well, here’s why it matters. The inner child is our subconscious: the layers and layers of programming from before we could process and  choose what to believe. Everything that happened before age 8 went in like a computer program that’s been running ever since…and affecting your quality of life immensely. Affecting your decision making, your willpower (sabotage IS the inner child!). Affecting your ability to be successful. Definitely affecting how you are in relationship patterns, if you fight or run or suppress or become a doormat. 


Anytime you are triggered – disproportionately affected by something currently happening (angry, sad, etc), it’s your subconscious associating the original wound from childhood. When you were told as a child to be quiet, you can’t have that, you’re a bad kid (etc). These instances created beliefs.

Then voices repeat them: “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t have what I want” or “It works for others, not for me.” And on and on, thousands upon thousands of beliefs that limit your quality of life.

That’s where inner child work comes in.

It’s a lot to go into but I’ve been facilitating this work with my private clients for years, empowering them in health, weigh loss, relationships, prosperity – in all areas. To heal the relationship with the rebellious child inside, which means less and less sabotage, and more and more power. It means inner peace. It means living again. Becoming whole as your little girl or boy is integrated. It’s time!!

Reach out to share your challenges and why you’re ready for a private mentor. Perhaps this is the piece that’s been missing 🙂



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