The Meaning of Challenges

The Meaning of Challenges

Life has a way of throwing some dandy hardballs at us at times. Sometimes they’re a low ball, and sometimes a strike. They can show up as a mini-challenge, while other times it’s a doozy.

Sometimes this process feels like a testament to how much you can handle. Sometimes you may even feel that you’re being tested.

Guess what – you are being tested!

You may or may not believe in a higher power but an empowering way to view challenges are as a sign, not of adversity, but as a show of confidence in your abilities. The Universe only tests us as a way of giving us the opportunity to SHINE, to recognize how strong and courageous and steadfast and powerful we really are. We are only given challenges we can handle. It may require stretching but I firmly believe that the challenges we’re given are never beyond our ability. 

The greater the challenge, the stronger you are!

Like any newly acquired skill, challenges are a chance to practice and become more competent. Challenges are a way to practice finding grace and equanimity in tough situations. They are a way to move closer toward our best self!

Believe me, I know about being tested. For sixteen dark, bleak years being in constant pain, physical turmoil, and isolation, not sure I wanted to live (but not ready to die), I really questioned life. I let myself be a victim for a long time…then finally stepped up to the opportunity that was in front of me the whole time: to empower myself with different decisions. To recognize who I really was, to let this be a catalyst to choose a different path. 

When you are faced with challenge, remember these words. There is a reason, there is an opportunity, view it as a chance to practice moving closer to your true greatness! I believe in you!

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