The Importance of No

The importance of saying NO 


The importance of saying no is to say YES to what you REALLY want…


Yesterday I looked into my own eyes and realized that I haven’t been fully in congruence with my truth. Deeply knowing what I want yet getting swept up in side roads.


Without judgement or regret, choosing to recommit to being aligned in my heart’s desire. And, fully honoring the beauty and magic of each and every moment leading me here, how it has all prepared me to receive what I know is coming.


We are conditioned to say yes, to fit in, to go along, to seek pleasure and instant gratification.

The thing is, for every yes something else becomes a no, due to less space and possibility. What if momentary enjoyment is blocking present day truths and future desires?


For instance…

2796.png➖a yes to staying out late means less space for a full night’s sleep/morning workout, etc

2796.png➖a yes to drinking, drugs, being distracted with technology means less possibility of being fully present in connecting with others

2796.png➖a yes to poor food choices means less vitality and zest, not being your best physically or mentally 

2796.png➖a yes to a job you hate can mean a no for following your passion career

2796.png➖a yes to buying into old patterns, beliefs and stories can mean a no for choosing and allowing new ways of being

2796.png➖a yes to a casual romance when you really want committed partnership means less space and attention for creating the relationship you truly desire 

2796.png➖a yes to others can means a no for yourself if you want different things or if you are not clear in your needs or boundaries


Are the yes’s distracting you or crowding out your truth, your dreams, your heart’s desires? Do all the yes’s mean you’re saying no to yourself?


It’s all part of the journey… consciously chosing yes’s and no’s. Checking in to choose space to create what you really want.


Do you love yourself enough to say no and hold space for your own possibilities? Even before they manifest in the physical plane?


I have so much love for life and the amazing people in my life…and I choose to love me enough to say no when it means I can say yes to my inner truths. This is the new level of self love I’ve committed to.

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