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Here is my before and after.  I’ve lost 46.5 pounds. I am so thankful for your guidance and support. I am a new person. I live my life so differently now. It is awesome and I’m dancing in the sunshine. You are awesome.  
All my love,
Dancing Dianne
Dianne before and after


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Because of coaching with Marcie, my life changed. Marcie is truly a good, caring person. She is in it to help people and that is her #1 priority. She puts the client first.





Marcie is a very successful business woman and I have found her to be especially insightful. Marcie is open-hearted. She has been very helpful to me with learning better ways to manage my fibromyalgia.



I am so excited. I have lost 13.5 pounds in three weeks. I have more energy and my sinuses and skin are clearer. I am enjoying eating healthy foods. I’m making a lifestyle change and that makes me feel great. It is also wonderful to have Marcie cheering me on. She is awesome!
-D, Florida


Marcie, I wanted you to know what a deep impact you made on my life and soul. I will be forever grateful for your guidance and beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and generous, kind heart. You such a beautiful light in this world. I am so incredibly grateful our paths crossed.  You are the true expression of how a coach not only improves your health, but can transform you life.

-Kimberly (soon to be a health coach!)


Marcie is a GENIUS at what she does for her clients! She treats every new client with a specialized program catered just for you to help with weight-loss, self love and creating vibrant health! She’s your knowledgeable cheerleader that never leaves your side. I am amazed at the profound tips and daily advice that she enhances my lifestyle with! She is a true gem in the natural health industry! Everyone should get a health coach that is a unique combination of education and empowerment!

-Karie, Nevada (business guru and mom)


My experience with Marcie Peters is one of the best things I have done in my life. Working with her I was able to greatly reduce my muscle pain and fatigue as well as I no longer have severe hypoglycemic attacks. I have also learned from Marcie to be happier than I have ever been. Marcie is a very knowledgeable Health and Happiness Coach. I found her very supportive as she guided me towards better health. Marcie also had many tools that she was able to pass on, to teach me how to better care for my body and how to learn to be happy. To me she is an ideal coach, looking at the body and diet combined with how one thinks and lives in the world.

-Anghared, UK (actress)

I bought a new bikini for the first time in 10 years. I did not have a melt down in the dressing room, and I’m in love with my body in it! Thank you, Marcie!

-Heather, California (artist and entrepreneur)

Marcie taught me so much about health. She helped me use nutrition to get over my allergies. By following what she taught me, I lost almost 50 lbs. and feel so much more healthy.

-J., Colorado (web designer)

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I had been feeling stuck for a while and after speaking with Marcie I jumped on board 100% with the nutrition. In under one week I was down 9 lbs and felt so much better all around. Thank you for the help!

-Jen, San Diego (stay at home mom)


I am so grateful for where I am now in my healing. I am 70% better with what Marcie has taught me. More than anything I am grateful for the peace I have found believing I will regain total health.  I am grateful that I have learnt to appreciate my body and what it does for me. That I have found a concrete acceptance of ME and how I want to live.

-private client


“I tried many routes…yours fit me best!”

I am in healthcare myself, knowledgable about all aspects of health. Yet, nothing was working. I was really STUCK and didn’t think anything could be done.

This is, by far, the most functional and comprehensive life change program I have ever been a part of (and I’ve tried others). I was apprehensive at first, wondering how this program would differ. And let me tell you, it does! I ddidn’t think it would work but if you stick to what Marcie tells you and open your mind for change, you will get there!

In 3 months I have changed my attitude and lost 23 pounds and feel fantastic! My husband’s health has even improved (his triglycerides dropped).

Now, I am confident! I hope all who needs you, is lead to you.

-Dr Lisa, FL


Dear Marcie, I am forever grateful to you for being one of the main catalysts in my life that brought about my physical and emotional growth. Through your coaching, I was able to make changes that I never thought that I was capable of achieving. You have given me the tools I need in order to make better food choices, be in touch with my feelings and deal with issues, one breath at a time. I feel more powerful, happier, healthier and strong enough in order to continue on my wellness journey.

Thank you for your time, wonderful energy and amazing coaching abilities.

Lots of Love,

-L. New York (high school principal)


I am so fortunate to have you as a coach – it has been an amazing journey working with you.  I have also come to adore you as I am learning that you really care very much for your clients. Part of that is just how much you support me; your advice is really excellent. Your compassion and alertness to handling situations is unbelievable! I am quite humbled by your simple and loving way of handling life. One of the things I really admire about you is that you recognize when your clients are hurting or need support for something. You always act very quickly and with terrific advice.

You very quickly determined those issues that were causing me major problems and provided great solutions for those problems. With your assistance I have made great strides. I am on the path to having a different life, a different way of handling situations as they arise.

-Bill, Texas (engineer)


Because of your help I have regained control over my body. I’m the smallest I’ve been since my early twenties! I’m feeing more energy, my digestive system is having less flareups my immune system is kicking butt and has gotten me through this horrible flu season! I have really started to treat my body as a part of myself and to love it. I greatly appreciate your willingness and dedication to stick with me and be my cheerleader during this transformation. Without your coaching and support I would have given up. It has not been easy to overcome a lifetime of bad habits and self sabotage…having you by my side reminds me to choose myself and my future over foods and behaviors that keep me ill. Your support and love as a coach has everything to do with my success! You are an inspiration.

Love, Heather (business owner)


I have lost 20 lbs since taking all of your advice … I was just hoping to lose 8 pounds but as I got more focused about managing my blood sugar, getting the right sleep, not over exercising, etc., I changed my belief that I couldn’t lose more. I have three more pounds that I would like to lose and then I’m getting a new wardrobe. It’s hard to fit anything anymore. I’m ecstatic and truly blessed. Thank you for your help. You are truly a gem.



Marcie is thorough, knowledgeable, and approaches the mind-body connection with great depth. She really knows her stuff! I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who wants better health and a clearer understanding of themselves.

-HT, San Diego (teacher and therapist)

I appreciate Marcie as my trusted health coach. She has been more than a wonderful source of inspiration, as well. Her ability to listen and appropriately communicate in a non judgmental way is another way she has earned my respect. As a leader, she does not find fault or assess blame, instead Marcie is enthusiastic and supportive in helping create the best life possible!

-Lou, Ohio (business owner)

Marcie is very compassionate and empathetic. She taught me to have compassion for myself. I think that was the biggest take-away for me. I lost 5.5 lbs in one week on her eating plan, regressed and plateaued for a bit, then lost another 5.5 lbs in one week when I started to follow it again. And, I didn’t beat myself up in between :). The mental shift in how I think about personal challenges, and re-framing them has been huge. I am still on my weight loss journey, and I don’t feel stuck in my life anymore. Marcie is a gifted coach!

-Kathy, Minnesota (nurse)

My sister introduced me to this program over a year ago. I was skeptical but wanted to be healthier. Since starting, I lost 40+ lbs. It has really taught me a lot about healthy living and made me fall in love with cooking. I have also figured out which foods are best for me individually.

-Jeremy, Utah (entrepreneur) 


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I had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for over 18 years, and tried just about everything over the years. Six months ago I started working with Marcie. After one month of working with her, I was about 50% better, which was just phenomenal. Nothing I had done was that sudden or extreme. It’s really clear that Marcie’s guidance made me better: less muscle/joint pain and fatigue, stopped having IBS attacks, stopped having migraines and headaches. Before I saw her I was going to seek treatment for anxiety – but now it’s gone.

And the extent to how much happier I have become in general – with life, with myself. I became so happy I felt like I could explode. I now sleep way better, and now I can walk 45 minutes at a time (which used to create an attack). I no longer have hypoglycemia – she taught me how to balance my blood sugar. Now it’s not an issue. I no longer have to carry food with me all the time. My brain is clearer – I can absorb and learn things in a way that I hadn’t been able to for years.

I thought I was disciplined enough not to have to answer to someone, but seeing Marcie weekly made me commit on a deeper level. It was also really good to have someone to talk to. I found it hard to discuss being ill – because she had been through it herself, she was easy to talk to about it. I am no longer in fight or flight all the time. Marcie taught me how to stay in a healing place so I can heal. I learned how to listen to my body and respect it.

Oh! And I lost 18 pounds along the way! I am now almost all better. I’m still myself – but I was able to get rid of all these things that weren’t helpful. I always thought I was someone who loved myself, but I didn’t realize all the missing links until I worked with Marcie – this was probably the major key to getting better.”



Marcie is an incredible support and well of love, hope and wisdom. Her coaching was instrumental in my growth as an individual and in my health. I love her to pieces and anyone who is even slightly inspired to contact her do not hesitate. You can’t even imagine the gain from investing in yourself and having someone to hold you up and cheer you on.

-HS, San Diego


I am doing Marcie’s Program, and I’ve already lost 22 pounds of ugly Steroid and inactivity weight! It’s time LIVE instead of just exist!

-Kim, retired


I really enjoy working with Marcie. She’s really caring, compassionate and smart. She gave me great suggestions and books to read and I listened to the audio and I’m feeling grateful. She helped improve my diet in ways that gave me more energy. Marcie is very wise, loving and intelligent. She is great!

-Stella, New York (student)

Marcie is an amazing health coach where in whatever your issue is (whether it is weight loss or digestive issues or thyroid issues) she really helps you not only go to the heart of the issue to find your peace and happiness. Essentially healing from the inside out!

-Dawn, California (healer)

I had a fantastic experience working with Marcie. She is uplifting and very motivational! She worked with me on several levels and provided me with valuable resources as well. 

-Janine, Canada (retired)

In three sessions Marcie helped me to figure out the root of a few of my problems and gave me strategies for dealing with them. She is encouraging and empowering of her clients. I would recommend Marcie for any health needs, physical or emotional.

-Nicola, Colorado (corporate executive)

One of the amazing things about working with you is that in days I am able to figure out what is wrong, and yes having clarity that I never had before to know what I have the opportunity to do.


I came to Marcie on behalf of my teen daughter. A lot has cleared up – her confidence increased and she is LIVING!  I am so proud of her 🙂 Thank you for always thinking of her. You were a huge inspiration, Marcie..I will always be very grateful for what you imparted.

-Tonia, Florida (business woman and speaker)


Because of Marcie, I have had the bravery to move forward.  I have begun to focus on my own health and my own life path.  



Thank you for reminding me to be kind to myself, I so easily forget. I think it may be the most important thing to not drive myself and to move from a place of calm. My pleasure in life has grown and grown. Ecstasy! 


I tried many things to recover my health but saw the greatest change from working with Marcie. 

-international client 

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