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See if this sounds familiar…you chow down breakfast while checking your phone… multi-task while eating lunch… get home late and eat while watching Netflix or while answering emails…or pick up take-out on the way home and eat while driving. It’s efficient, right? Why not get things done while eating?


The thing is, when we aren’t present with our food (multitasking, being distracted, eating quickly, etc), it compromises our digestion, assimilation, nutrient absorption, and especially our enjoyment of the food.


When we aren’t present with our bodies, we can easily overeat because we haven’t given our bodies the chance to send the “full” signal (or haven’t heard it).


So my quick tip for today is:



Creating Presence (Mindfulness):

  • Let yourself be calm (rest & digest vs fight/flight).
  • Take some deep breaths to prepare your body to eat.
  • Give gratitude.
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, give each bite your full attention.
  • Put your fork down between bites so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Take pleasure in the food’s appearance, scent, colors, and taste.
  • Savor each bite.
  • Visualize the nutrients going exactly where they are needed and your body functioning optimally.
  • Give gratitude to the food and Mother Earth.
  • Send your body loving, appreciative messages as you eat.


There’s a methodology to health, happiness and being at your optimal weight. Mindfulness is one part of this. It’s a habit that can transform your life.


That’s it for now.

Love ya,


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