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Q and A


If you are not currently living the vibrantly healthy, happy life you desire, read on…


Over the years, thousands have come to me from all over the world – including other health practitioners. They find me because something isn’t working. Often it’s illness or weight struggles, other times it has to do with being unable to access the levels of joy and zest that could be possible. 



Here are some of the most prominent questions I get asked by those interested in becoming a client…


1. Do I need to overhaul my diet to lose weight and/or feel better?

1A. Changes are key – otherwise you’ll keep getting more of the same – although there are many ways to do this. I collaborate with each client to find the best strategy that won’t mean you have to drop everything else in your life in order to see results.



2. Do I have to exercise in order to lose weight?

2A. Nope! Exercise is great for toning and creates neurotransmitters that make you feel good, but it is NOT necessary for weight loss. My clients find the weight coming off without exercise…then, because they have more energy and feel great, exercise feels like the something their bodies WANT to do.



3. Is your program for people who want to lose lots of weight or the last bit? Men or women? 

3A. Both. I’ve worked with both men and women, and those who want to lose 60+ pounds and the last 5-10 pounds. Read more…



4. I read that you have over 90% success rate! What makes your program so successful?

4A. Since I work with clients individually, they get a completely customized program with a dedicated advocate by their side for at least 6 months. It’s a whole-life (holistic) approach, combining nutrition, mindset, lifestyle choices for specific challenges and goals, and addressing nutritional deficiencies and any other gaps. We speak at length, I review lab work, and together we come up with a realistic plan that will be adjusted as we go. It’s about uncovering the missing link(s) so you can accelerate toward your dream body and life!



5. What if I’m already eating restrictively but the weight isn’t coming off?

5A. Great question! I was in that category for years, unable to lose those last 10-12 pounds. I had eliminated a huge litany of foods, yet my weight wasn’t budging. Then I realized there were missing links that had not been addressed. Once they were, voila! It was literally a matter of several months. My clients really benefit from my method of easy, all-natural weight loss and energy without hunger or feeling deprived. So magical! 



6. Are you taking new clients in 2018?

6A. I have space for 4 new private clients starting next month, and there’s a waiting list to start with me later in the year. Fill out the application to get started

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