Health Philosophy

Health Philosophy

We have the ability to heal ourselves of many physical maladies. Food is a powerful and effective way to strengthen the immune system, allowing our body’s internal wisdom and homeostasis to take over. In diabetes studies, blood sugar levels dropped with just 2 weeks on a low-glycemic diet!

I believe in the power of food as medicine!

I believe health is comprised of at least 75% what we eat, and no amount of exercise can make up for putting nutrient-poor foods into our bodies

“You can’t exercise off a poor diet!” – Marcie

I believe that refined carbohydrates and sugar are THE primary factors in obesity, diabetes, emotional PMS, arthritis, anxiety and depression, lack of energy/chronic fatigue, systemic and joint inflammation, metabolic syndrome, brain fog, and heart disease. What else could be causing this health epidemic? I subscribe to a modified Paleo diet, which follows the evolutionary model of meats, fish, greens, nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits. The evidence overwhelmingly shows that sugars and carbohydrates in grain form – especially the highly-processed varieties found in prepared items and most restaurants – are simply not good energy sources for sustainable or vibrant human health.

Yet I also believe in being flexible (by day, by season, by time of life), and listening to your body.

I believe in bioindividuality: everyone is different and should honor those differences. There is no one size fits all, and health shouldn’t be approached that way. I believe in customizing each person’s health plan. I believe in placing an importance on enjoying life – not being so strict all the time that you obsess about it or can’t relax. In fact, all healing happens in the relaxation response (not the stress/fight or flight response).

Complete health includes more than nutrition

I believe in the importance of keeping stress levels low through regular exercise, connecting with your higher power (God/the Universe, etc), meditation, alone time, getting plenty of sleep (going to bed early), laughing, letting go of limiting thoughts, forgiveness, fun hobbies and creative outlets, and active appreciation: focusing on the joy and beauty that is all around us.

I believe in choosing your beliefs and your responses to stimuli and circumstances…rather than letting old/limited/unconscious beliefs dictate your inner peace, well-being and joy. 

Happiness is an inside job! One that we are honored to get to cultivate.


To learn more about having an advocate in your health and happiness journey, apply to work with me.


Yours in health,



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