My Top 3 Health Tips



My Top 3 Health Tips


Working with clients these past 6 years (& myself for over 20 years), here are my top 3 tips:

1. Sleep! The right quantity for you and quality. Restoration is the foundation for health and happiness! When I dialed in my sleep, things started to shift for me (after over a decade and a half of chronic illness). I’m still vigilant with sleep. 

2. Conscious relaxation (meditation, breathing, yoga, nature). This is where we train the mind and body to be calm no matter what is going on around us. This is where we cultivate presence so we don’t feel that feeling of emptiness or that we are missing out on our own lives. This is where we create the depth of connection, starting within. When I committed to daily meditation, my life changed! 

3. Fun movement that challenges your body appropriately and gives you self-expression opportunities (dancing, hiking, skipping, etc). Listen to your body and inner wisdom on this. As women we tend to do better with more flowy free movements (feminine energy) than structured movement (masculine energy). Everyone is different. For me, I do best with at least 50-60% flow-based movement. When I’m doing primarily weights, spin, etc I lose touch with my divine feminine essence. I check in with my body each day on workout choice. 

Bonus: Food is #4 and I take a different approach than most nutritionists. It’s about combining personal awareness, mindfulness, and science (hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammation, and more to create an effective and efficient strategy that works. 

Then mindset is the underlying thread that brings it all together.


Sending you love,

Marcie, CHHC

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