My Story: Overcoming Chronic Illness

My Story: Overcoming Chronic Illness

In the past years I’ve been interviewed more times than I can count, but very rarely have the details of my story really been probed, given time constraints and such… and the truth is my long years of illness, despite the ‘happy ending’ were painful and often dark, bleak, scary and hopeless, fraught with anxiety.

It’s been hard for me to go there, to really let myself remember those days. There were so many times I really thought I couldn’t continue. There were many decision points along the way. 

I recorded this video as a way of providing information on my recovery in case it help YOU, as well as inspiration and hope, which is what I stand for and why I do this work.

Here’s my story:

Read more in this blog: Why health challenges are a gift. 


Sending you so much love!




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