My #1 Happiness Secret

My #1 Happiness Secret

I remember when I was too closed up emotionally to feel. It had been years since I’d cried.


My brother died when he was 12 years old (I was 16) which left me confused and questioning God…things were rough with my father and I moved out feeling unsafe at home…I felt misunderstood, alone and forgotten. Like I was carrying around an unbearable load. I felt empty inside. It was hard to breathe.


I got used to walling up my feelings, not ever really letting my true self be seen or felt.


I got used to feeling sad, depressed, anxious and angry.


I got used to the backlog of unexpressed emotion…which showed up in my body as aches, pains, compromised immunity, and disease (I didn’t make the correlation till much later).


My body and soul were perpetually in a state of fight/flight.


What shifted?

Sometimes (okay, often) it takes some serious motivation.

I’d been into holistic health for years, dabbling with meditation (an unavoidable component of total health)… but it took meeting someone who was so passionate about it that I was inspired. I took on a 90-day meditation practice. No matter what, I sat with myself. Even if it was for just ten minutes.


Regular meditation changed my life


In meditation, I unraveled. My body felt new life. The pain eased. 


Slowly over weeks and months of going inward daily, I FELT myself…perhaps for the first time.


The feelings I’d stuffed down for years arose. The tears of sadness, anger, frustration were finally released…and eventually turned into feelings of gratitude, joy, and inner peace.


Being dedicated to myself in this way changed my life and ability to trust…and continues to create shifts. The more I meditate, the more space I create to bring in what I want in life because I have greater access to the inner peace, contentment, and joy inside.


As Dr Joe Dispenza talks about, the first step in manifestation is changing your internal state. 


This sweet space I create for myself changes my internal state. It is my comfort and solace. It where I go to reconnect, to feel, to find clarity. It feels like returning home


The external world is a reflection of your internal state. So my #1 happiness secret is to shift your internal state.


There are many roads that can take you there. For me, none is as powerful as being fully present with myself, my body, my inner wisdom. Meditation was and is the vehicle that takes me to inner peace, again and again.


Today I want to share the blessing, so I’m offering one 20-minute guided session (limited number available). This will be a one-on-one customized remote session via audio or video, weaving your specific desires into the meditation. You’ll get an audio recording to continue your own practice.




After you sign up, we will schedule it! I’m so excited to get you going on or returning to a life of sweetness and ease.


With Love,


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