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The Addiction Manifestation Loop:

Are You Addicted to Manifesting What You DON’T Want?


Let’s talk manifestation. It’s a profound concept that has been brought up a lot, especially in the past several years. Why? Because, as human creators, the ability to manifest is part of our destiny and evolution!


Do you believe you create your life with your thoughts? That your thoughts impact how your life is unfolding? That in turn, thoughts create emotions, and together they predict your outcomes? If you aren’t sure, think about the last time you didn’t want to do something. Can you make yourself feel sick or feel bad? (personally I used this one a lot as a kid not wanting to go to school!) Can you make yourself angry or even enraged with just a few thoughts? Absolutely. Can you create a physical reaction in your body from thoughts (as an example, sexually)? You betcha. Emotions are a result of thoughts or experiences.


So let’s talk about habitual thoughts and emotions. Did you know that recurring automatic thoughts – and the feelings these thoughts create – are ADDICTIVE? They are familiar, which gives the illusion of safety and ‘rightness’ – not to mention being easy, the path of least resistance.


Here’s the thing: as long as you keep thinking the same thoughts and experiencing the same feelings, guess what you’ll manifest??!! Yep, you got it. More of the same!


There’s one foolproof way to know if you’re in the addiction manifestation loop:

  • check your life – are you having the outcomes/results you desire or is more of the same showing up?
  • check your feelings – are you filled with (any combo of) elevated emotions such as appreciation, joy, love, fulfillment, purpose, inner peace? (Side note: if you’re living in a consistent or even partial state of elevated emotions, it’s likely your answer to #1 is YES, I’m getting what I desire!)


Manifestation works in the positive (moving toward what you want, your vision of your best future) AND in the negative (creating more of what you do not want, more of the past). So my question for you is:




That’s it for today. I’ll leave you to ponder this. Stay tuned for more!


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