Healthy Eating: Keeping Motivated

Making the switch to healthy eating can be hard, but once you are consistent (inflammatory foods out, nutritionally-dense foods in) the changes are immediate and radical.

The question is, how do you stay motivated to stick with it? 

This post is inspired by one of my newer clients, who has transformed her eating based on the accountability our work together provides – and in the process:

  • Has been completely consistent with healthy eating for the first time ever. 
  • After a difficult 3 days, "woke up the 4th day feeling like Super Woman!"
  • Lost 5lbs within less than 2 weeks, half the weight she wanted to lose.
  • Used to want to crawl under her desk in the afternoon and nap…now has great energy all day into the afternoon and evening.
  • Feels really motivated and more in control.
  • Joint aches and fatigue have mostly cleared up.
  • Used to feel desparate by mealtimes – now able to do yardwork after work prior to dinner.
  • Excited and enthusiastic!

Her next question was how to keep the motivation going. This is something many people struggle with. Her pattern, which is human nature, is to get excited and motivated, then not stick with it.

Here are tips to help keep you motivated after the initial excitement, when you start to falter:

  1. Acknowledge yourself for how far you've come! Don't let little setbacks jar your momentum, motivation or confidence.
  2. Prepare a list of strategies that you can refer to when you feel vulnerable (such as this list, but customized it to things that work for you).
  3. Preparation – set yourself up for success by stocking your kitchen with quality food and keeping junk food out of the house.
  4. Get creative – allow cooking to be a fun and creative outlet for expressing and nurturing yourself (rather than a task to do).
  5. Explore new goods, herbs, spices, gadgets, and recipes. 
  6. When you eat, unabashedly, fully LOVE, SAVOR, ENJOY, and derive pleasure from your food. Fall in love with eating healthy – it's delicious! 
  7. Find non-food rewards to keep you going. Full body massage or new pair of shoes anyone?
  8. Keep a journal of how you feel eating healthy vs how you feel eating poorly.
  9. When you slip, treat yourself with compassion and love.
  10. Mindset: know that one bad choice doesn't mean you have failed. Don't let the story of your old habits take over.
  11. Write out your bigger WHY statement (why you want to get healthy, what it would mean for you and your life), and reflect back on this often. Decorate it with inspiring images and post it so you can re-read it daily. Let it be a living document – keep adding/revising as your dreams evolve.
  12. Most importantly, make sure you have accountability in the form of someone else. Ideally, work with a health coach or if not then enlist someone you trust and respect that you can be accountable to and honest with. 

About Marcie

Marcie Peters is committed to empowering others to live COURAGEOUSLY with restored, vibrant health. A holistic health coach, nutritionist, speaker, and nutrition thought leader, Marcie guides exceptional high-achieving career women and moms (and the occasional man) in how to nourish their bodies and lives, establish good habits, successfully deal with stress, and impact their families through optimal health. 

Marcie hosted Transform Your Health World Summit, an inspirational globally attended health conference in 2013.  

Marcie holds a bachelor's degree and is certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Marcie's private body+soul health program restores health through lifestyle modification, reframing beliefs, establishing new habits, and aligning with life purpose. And, have fun and enjoy the process of feeling and looking amazing! 











































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