Health Success Stories!

Success Stories from My Clients!

I loveLOVElove positively impacting and inspiring change ~ it’s my mission, life purpose and HONOR to help make the world a healthier, happier place, one person at a time! 

Today I want to share some recent health successes, that I’m honored to have inspired; hopefully these will inspire you as well! 

1. When Kara (name changed for anonymity) came to me, she was always hungry, eating all the time, had extra weight around the middle and love handles, wanted to address blood sugar and sleep, stress levels, and was on medication for blood pressure. She wanted to be calmer, more centered, more confident, more patient and loving – a better example to her children, and hoped to lose weight.

After 5 months, here’s her update:
“I have lost 20 lbs since taking all of your advice … I was just hoping to lose 8 pounds but as I got more focused about managing my blood sugar, getting the right sleep, not over exercising, etc., I changed my belief that I couldn’t lose more. I have three more pounds that I would like to lose and then I’m getting a new wardrobe. It’s hard to fit anything anymore. I’m ecstatic and truly blessed. Thank you for your help. You are truly a gem.

2. A recent client in her 50s’s lost ten pounds in less than two weeks, feels more in control of her body and life, joint pain is gone and blood sugar is stablized! Her waist measurement is FOUR INCHES smaller, she’s lost two inches in the hips, and one inch off each thigh. She is no longer “desparate” to eat each meal, which gives her freedom with food choices and cravings. THIS IS THE MOST SUCCESS SHE’S EVER HAD ON ANY PROGRAM! Mentoring has made all the difference, having my support. She’s even going to her 30-year reunion this year (was too ashamed to go in the past).

3. After just 5 weeks, an active healthy yoga teacher who could never seem to lose weight had lost 2 inches around her waist. Within 3 months she lost 28lbs! Symptoms that were bothering her have disappeared (including lifelong diaphragm discomfort), for the first time ever she feels able to focus (ADD gone!), has more energy and is LOVING getting creative with cooking. She’s now influencing/inspiring her finance and mom! She is “over the moon!” She attributes these changes to my support and advice.


4. A post-baby mom is steadily losing the baby weight based on the personalized meal plan I created for her – confidence and energy are up!

5. A client of 2 months, a thoroughly amazing mother of three, has dropped all the weight she wanted to lose, her peers and friends are noticing how great she looks and the energy she exudes, she is now setting boundaries and speaking out more, her changes have impacted her children, and perfectionism is no longer driving her life.  She’s having breakthroughs about past relationships, with much healing. Her newfound confidence is creating attention from men (which didn’t used to happen) and she is no longer the wall flower. Even her ex-husband is treating her differently. This is the first time she’s done something for herself; she attributes all of these incredible shifts to having dedicated support (our sessions are “the only time she does something nice for herself”). 

6. This young man in his mid-30s has lost over 20 pounds since January and claims to not even be hungry. He’s able to do more physically, and is no longer at risk of Diabetes. He continues to lose weight.

7. This wonderful gal in her mid 30s has struggled with an eating disorder for most of her life, and now has peace around food and her body. She’s lost 35 pounds in 5 months and is loving life! She’s grown so much in every way – started a business to pursue her life purpose/career, has way more confidence, self-love and acceptance, boundaries, happiness, and creativity. 

8. This nurse in her early 50s came to me wanting to lose 10 pounds to take pressure off her joints – the knee pain was becoming unbearable despite physical therapy and moderate exercise.  Within a month she had dropped those 10 pounds and continued to EASILY lose weight. She went from 142 to 123 pounds (her goal weight was around 130), and the knee pain is significantly less, allowing her to be more active. She feels amazing and now has healthy habits for life – her husband and kids are getting healthier too! 



9. This self-aware psychologist in his early 60’s had been active his whole life but couldn’t seem to lose weight or stop drinking, though he knew it was sabotaging his health and life. Within 6 weeks, he went from 215 pounds to 188 (he went from overweight to a healthy weight) and continues to easily maintain. He gave up alcohol during that time, and now has it occasionally (nowhere near every day). His lifelong sleep issues cleared up and his sleep apnea (stopping breathing then choking) went away completely! (He canceled the sleep study he was going to do.) He stabilized his blood sugar to under 90 (fasting glucose). He did this all without loss of muscle or energy – in fact, he feels fantastic with “plenty of energy!”

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