Gratitude Exercise

Gratitude Exercise

I adore the act of gratitude because it’s so powerful. Choosing to be thankful in your heart and body (not merely as an intellectual exercise) shifts your vibration, changes the energy you emit. And what you put out tends to return (law of attraction).


This is one of the huge shifts I’ve personally made this year…and trust me, it shifts your experience of life! 


 Gratitude is always available…it’s a choice you can make anytime, at any moment


TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU – or ‘greatful’ as my brother Jeremy says, an attitude of great gratitude – he calls me the Queen of Gratitude (I love my family!).



Quick Exercise

Here’s how you can cultivate and strengthen your gratitude muscles…

Set the timer on your phone for 5-10 minutes (ringer off, airplane mode). Find a quiet place where you can sit in stillness, upright (against the wall or a chair). Close your eyes. Let your awareness move from your head down into your heart and connect there to the love and light that is your essence. Then let your awareness travel throughout your body, consciously connecting. Breathe deeply yet comfortably, feeling the life force reach every nook and cranny. Notice any sensations (like tingling, air on your skin). Be present. Let yourself open up to something or someone you’re grateful for (could be yourself!), and FEEL this feeling completely. Continue breathing, feeling, and being present until your alarm goes off (notice if you want to go longer and if so honor that).


Loving you,



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