Food Body and Eating Disorders



The topic of food and the body can be a sensitive subject for many, something that as a society we aren’t talking about. Instead, we put on a mask, pretending everything is fine when there’s so much going on behind the facade. Perhaps there’s shame, blame, guilt, unease or even a negative cycle associated with food/eating or how you feel about your body…


We all want to look amazing – and feel triggered if our outsides are not matching up to who we want to be or know we can be. 


It doesn’t have to be this way. Trust me – I used to feel traumatized by this whole topic. I would weigh myself constantly, check every mirror, worry if I was ‘thin enough’ or ‘looked okay’. The feeling was desperation and sadness (with some body hatred thrown in for good measure).


Whew, what an energy drain that was! Then I realized (through work similar to what  I’m sharing today) that I had a subconscious belief that if I wasn’t beautiful, I wouldn’t be loved or accepted. And that was just the tip of the massive healing that’s taken place…


To me, it’s not about looking a certain way (beauty comes in many many ways). It’s about how you relate to yourself and your body. 


Letting go of old stuff (I’ll just say it: BS) is so liberating! It truly is a journey TOWARD yourself (rather than running away from, which is where food and other substances come in). 


If any of the following are true, it’s an opportunity to look at what’s happening inside (rather than focusing on behavior):

  • I eat when I’m not physically hungry
  • I use food to deal with feelings of insecurity, anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, discomfort, etc
  • I use food for entertainment
  • Food is a balm for loneliness
  • I don’t like my body
  • I don’t feel confident or comfortable in my body
  • I feel guilty about food/eating
  • I binge eat (or alternate deprivation with binging)
  • I have an eating disorder
  • I suspect that my relationship with food is unhealthy
  • I spent too much time worrying about how my body looks
  • I diet a lot
  • I feel stuck when it comes to body love and acceptance 


Loving you,


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