Emotions Are Heavy

Emotions are Heavy

In working with clients over the years on health, happiness, and weight loss, I’ve realized something important:


Emotions are Heavy


When we hang on to unexpressed/repressed feelings, they build up in our bodies. We have to keep stuffing down the feelings (to avoid feeling them) by literally stuffing ourselves. This often leads to a sense of heaviness, sadness, depression, constant anxiety, and health issues (including excess weight).


When my clients finally get in touch with themselves and their feelings, coupled with my proven nutrition strategies, while working with me, it becomes easy to let go of that heaviness…and lose the weight they wanted to lose (in fact, they often lose more, and without having to exercise – that naturally comes later as a result of feeling so great!).


Happiness CAN become your default state! I’ve spent years honing this process.


Emotions are heavy – Is it time for YOU to let go?




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