Creating Self-Love

Creating Self-Love

In the work that I do, I can say FOR SURE that everything comes down to truly and completely loving yourself


One form of self love is meditation. Yeah! I know it might sound strange. Yet if you think about any relationship, quality time together is a **requirement** for a relationship to be strong, resilient, and grounded. To know, understand, accept and adore one another. 


Imagine being in a relationship (or trying to) with someone who isn’t present when you’re together (looking at the phone, not making eye contact, distracted, not really listening)…how would that feel? Would it be a strong relationship that lifts you up or tears you down? 


Same is true with yourself. Rather than distancing, distracting, or seeking external validation, LOOK INSIDE.


Spending time in relaxed contemplation, being present with yourself and your body, letting yourself feel whatever comes up (with love and compassion) is a game changer!  


Though I once avoided meditation and had all the typical excuses (no time, too hard, not good at it, what’s the point), I now LOVE LOVE LOVE to be present with myself and my body.


This simple (yet profound) practice is a game changer for myself and my clients, from weight loss to happiness.


Purchase one session and try it yourself!

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