Climb Beyond Old Beliefs!

Climbing Beyond Old Beliefs!

I went rock climbing last weekend, one of my favorite hobbies. Sore muscles, scraped up arms and legs, bruises, ripped fingernails, beaten up, toes feeling bruised to the touch from the tight climbing shoes…all more than worth it.

Climbing makes me feel on top of the world! While I was out I recorded this video for you.

The intense concentration required makes the rest of the world disappear, become irrelevant. There is only me and the rock, the next handhold and foothold. And what I’m willing to risk, how committed I choose to be.

When I reach the highest peak I like to pause and look around, take in the peace and beauty and birds eye perspective, breathe in the accomplishment (and rest my quaking muscles).

From this place far above I can see that my fears were much smaller than I believed them to be when I was at the bottom or midway up, sitting squarely in them.

It’s like I’m literally climbing past myself – going beyond who I used to be – someone who always played it safe and didn’t take risks. Unwilling to do something new for fear of looking stupid or inept. The irony is that safety was not really safety: it was a prison of my own making. All those years of staying in familiar territory meant stagnation, not growing or reaching or discovering what I was capable of. It meant believing my own lies about myself.

My intention is to never let myself creep back into that guilded cage. It’s time to be free!

This, I wish for you also.









































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