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The Mindset of Change That Works

The Mindset of Change (That Works)

Everyone who seeks me out is looking for a different experience – they want something to change in their lives. Sometimes it’s weight or other health concerns, sometimes it has to do with a feeling of happiness and well being.

In my years of coaching and working with clients (not to mention my own long journey), I’ve really had the opportunity to analyze and understand what works and doesn’t work when it comes to making changes – and why.

There’s definitely a right and not-so-right way to approach making changes, i.e., an effective and ineffective way to implement change (I don’t like using the terms right and wrong which infer judgment).


The Ineffective Way to Initiate and Make Changes

  • waiting until the pain, discomfort or suffering (physical, emotional, financial, mental or spiritual) is too much to bear, THEN being willing to change
  • not recognizing change as a CHOICE
  • wanting to change because you dislike yourself or something about yourself, or see yourself as intrinsically flawed or deficient
  • thinking that getting a certain result (losing weight/change in body, etc) will create what you want (happiness, well-being, etc)
  • looking for a short cut or magic pill
  • lack of consistency, not sticking with it long enough to see results
  • thinking you can do it alone – and getting frustrated and believing you can’t when nothing happens (it was the lack of support, NOT you)
  • not being aware of what you’re learning along the way
  • losing faith in yourself, letting the outcome affect your feeling of worthiness, and staying stuck; letting the ‘failure’ reinforce negative self beliefs


The Effective Way to Initiate and Make Changes

  • course correcting – making changes prior to break down (don’t wait until you are emotionally or financially challenged)
  • recognizing that change is a choice – you can stay the same and keep getting more of what you have…or you can CHOOSE something different for yourself
  • wanting to change because you love, honor and respect yourself too much to continue down a path that isn’t honoring or worthy of who you know you are and what you deserve
  • recognizing that happiness comes from within, not from looking a certain way, accomplishments, etc (external manifestations)
  • not expecting a short cut or magic pill, being willing to do the work and invest in yourself with time, energy, attention, focus and support
  • consistency – giving the change long enough to make a difference for you and see results
  • getting appropriate support – realizing that we are not meant to struggle alone and finding a community and especially an experienced mentor for guidance
  • recognizing the growth, learning and evolution that is an important part of the journey…and enjoying the journey
  • knowing that no matter what, you are worthy; reaching a goal simply adds to that feeling/experience of worthiness


It’s not just WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.


Peace and blessings,


Cause and Effect

Cause & Effect -OR- CAUSING the Effect

Have you ever thought about how much you allow your environment to affect you? It happens so naturally you may not realize it. Your work colleague is in a mood – you find yourself irritated. Traffic is bad – you arrive at the gym feeling stressed. Your kids are out of control – you become frazzled and impatient.


Here’s the thing: it’s a choice. The common denominator is always you (wink).


In my last post I talked about self-love – it’s one of the main tenants of creating a life you love.


One of the ways to love yourself is to CHOOSE how much your environment affects you (YES, it’s a choice). 


The way YOU show up absolutely affects everything (if you haven’t watched the movie What The Bleep, do so). Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. The things you need to pay attention to come into your space, sometimes again and again (patterns) to show us what we can’t see.


How do we know this? It’s quantum physics. Your experiences are not the same as everyone else’s (just ask your siblings about their experience of your parents!).


So, are you leading a life of cause and effect OR are you CAUSING the effect???!


 Here’s the cool thing: you get to choose 😉


Love ya, Marcie

Stepping Into Self Love

Stepping Into Self Love


Did you catch the solar eclipse just now? Wow…lots of energy! With it comes a shift in consciousness and new possibility…the chance to step into daring changes, especially creativity, joy and leadership. This is the time to get clear on your truth and to speak it. Time to let go of the old, and create what you want! 

And most of all, this is the time to love yourself. Fully. Completely. Unconditionally.


Self-love. It’s a concept that has been talked about almost relentlessly in personal development circles. But what does it mean? How does one put it into practice?


Truly and unconditionally loving myself is something I struggled with for the loooongest time. I was confusing confidence for self-love, self-care for self-love (it’s part of it but definitely not all!), and believing in myself for self-love (that’s closer but only part of it).


The people around the world who seek me out for mentoring are also looking for the feeling of love – it’s just mistaken for health upgrades like weight management, disease reversal or prevention, increased energy, aging backward, etc. They come to me for health stuff… and get an entire life upgrade 😉


It’s what we all want: the feeling of being IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF 


When I finally got it and fully stepped into self-love (it’s an ongoing practice with specific stepping stones), my life changed! Life became sparkly and new, I felt worthy regardless of anything external. I felt inner resilience – that I was fine (really fine) no matter what changes or chaos or situations occurred. I no longer needed to prove myself, to myself, let alone others. I stopped being concerned about what others thought. Relationships became deeper. I trusted myself! People were drawn to me before I said a word. I was so filled up, giving became easy and as natural as breathing.


It was like a 1,000 pound weight had been lifted off my back! And my clients experience the same. 


At the beginning, self-love was like a weak muscle that needed strengthening and reinforcing (like any new thing we take on). Having mentors through this time made all the difference – when I’d fall, they would be there to remind me of the truth and get me back on track. It’s still a practice, but trust me it gets easier 😉


Self-love means:

  • I choose my thoughts and feelings – no one else can (this is my sacred right).
  • I love myself too much to not be in my truth – to say or act in a way that is out of alignment.
  • I love myself too much to stuff down my feelings – instead, I feel them and let them pass through me without getting stuck in the story.
  • I love myself too much to choose to embrace or stay in feelings that aren’t creating what I want – instead, I choose to shift and let go of the rest.
  • I love myself too much to get derailed (lose my inner peace) – by anything.
  • I love myself too much to let how others treat me affect what I believe or how I treat myself – I am strong with myself. Only I can decide how I feel (no one can make me feel an emotion).
  • I love myself too much to engage in behaviors that dishonor my beautiful self – instead I choose to I course-correct when I get off track (my inner wisdom will tell me if I listen). 
  • I choose to be conscious and at-choice.
  • I choose to take responsibility – no blame for others or myself.
  • NO MATTER WHAT I won’t give up on myself. 


This is what I want for you – for everyone! Can you imagine a world where everyone loves themselves? Get in touch to learn more…

Manifestation Magic

The Addiction Manifestation Loop:

Are You Addicted to Manifesting What You DON’T Want?


Let’s talk manifestation. It’s a profound concept that has been brought up a lot, especially in the past several years. Why? Because, as human creators, the ability to manifest is part of our destiny and evolution!


Do you believe you create your life with your thoughts? That your thoughts impact how your life is unfolding? That in turn, thoughts create emotions, and together they predict your outcomes? If you aren’t sure, think about the last time you didn’t want to do something. Can you make yourself feel sick or feel bad? (personally I used this one a lot as a kid not wanting to go to school!) Can you make yourself angry or even enraged with just a few thoughts? Absolutely. Can you create a physical reaction in your body from thoughts (as an example, sexually)? You betcha. Emotions are a result of thoughts or experiences.


So let’s talk about habitual thoughts and emotions. Did you know that recurring automatic thoughts – and the feelings these thoughts create – are ADDICTIVE? They are familiar, which gives the illusion of safety and ‘rightness’ – not to mention being easy, the path of least resistance.


Here’s the thing: as long as you keep thinking the same thoughts and experiencing the same feelings, guess what you’ll manifest??!! Yep, you got it. More of the same!


There’s one foolproof way to know if you’re in the addiction manifestation loop:

  • check your life – are you having the outcomes/results you desire or is more of the same showing up?
  • check your feelings – are you filled with (any combo of) elevated emotions such as appreciation, joy, love, fulfillment, purpose, inner peace? (Side note: if you’re living in a consistent or even partial state of elevated emotions, it’s likely your answer to #1 is YES, I’m getting what I desire!)


Manifestation works in the positive (moving toward what you want, your vision of your best future) AND in the negative (creating more of what you do not want, more of the past). So my question for you is:




That’s it for today. I’ll leave you to ponder this. Stay tuned for more!


The Power of Your Mind

The Power of Your Mind


“It’s all in your mind. You are incurable.”

That’s what doctors told me over 20 years ago when I got sick and my life turned upside down.


Turns out, it’s true – about the mind. We are all manifesting all the time – mostly unconsciously and automatically – from our minds and bodies.


It IS all in your mind:

  • Health is a state of mind. 
  • Wealth is a state of mind. 
  • Abundance is a state of mind. 
  • Self love is a state of mind. 
  • Love, the highest vibrational frequency, is a state of mind.


Your thoughts can make you sick (with poor choices and keeping you in fear/stress response). So…your thoughts (& feelings) can heal you. Whaaaat?! Exciting!!


It starts with choosing your thoughts, FEELING what you want, choosing and creating the experience. Then it becomes real.


The First Thing

The First Thing


When I speak or get interviewed for events, I outline the steps to vitality and soul freedom.


The first thing is personal responsibility, letting go of blaming (victim consciousness) and accepting that I (my higher self) created this experience for a greater purpose.


What does personal responsibility mean?

My health, my responsibility. 

My happiness, my responsibility. 

My finances, my responsibility. 

My emotional well-being, my responsibility. 

My experience of life, my responsibility. 


You are co-creating with God!


No blame, no guilt, no judgment, no shame. Just stepping up fully with compassion, patience, kindness and love.


Love, Marcie

The Key To Manifestation

The Key to Manifestation

My clients tell me they want better health, more energy, to weigh less. They say they want more money, a vacation, a relationship.


My question for you is: what is the FEELING you want?

That’s what is driving these stated goals.

Happiness. Freedom. Joy. Excitement. Zest. Sense of purpose. Making a difference. LOVE.


So what if you focused on your internal state, the feelings you desire, rather than awaiting external factors to create them?

Feelings of gratitude. Feelings of love. Feelings of joy. Feeling free. Feelings of excitement. Recognizing how you make a difference every day and feeling fulfilled.


That’s a big part of what I work with my clients on…


Learn More

Emotions Are Heavy

Emotions are Heavy

In working with clients over the years on health, happiness, and weight loss, I’ve realized something important:


Emotions are Heavy


When we hang on to unexpressed/repressed feelings, they build up in our bodies. We have to keep stuffing down the feelings (to avoid feeling them) by literally stuffing ourselves. This often leads to a sense of heaviness, sadness, depression, constant anxiety, and health issues (including excess weight).


When my clients finally get in touch with themselves and their feelings, coupled with my proven nutrition strategies, while working with me, it becomes easy to let go of that heaviness…and lose the weight they wanted to lose (in fact, they often lose more, and without having to exercise – that naturally comes later as a result of feeling so great!).


Happiness CAN become your default state! I’ve spent years honing this process.


Emotions are heavy – Is it time for YOU to let go?




The 3 Options

The 3 Options


If you are struggling with something in your life, whether it’s your health, your weight, your level of fulfillment or satisfaction, this should help with clarity.


When it comes to situations in life, you have three – and only three – options:

  1. to not accept or change (and be miserable) 
  2. to accept the situation completely as it is (inner peace)
  3. to make changes (and invest time, money, resources, shift in paradigm) to have what you really want


So, my question for you when it comes to the things you are unhappy or unsatisfied about…



What is your choice?


 Unfortunately, the default is often #1. I hear it again and again in the emails and people who come to me. It’s normal to blame others or the circumstances, but that’s not really a choice – it’s a sidestepping of responsibility.


You and only you are responsible for your experience of life. You and only you ultimately create your experience.


B-Vitamin Deficiency

5 Signs of B12 Deficiency


As you age (and especially if you’re a vegetarian or take heartburn medication), your body’s ability to absorb B12 decreases. Autoimmune disorders can also inhibit absorption. If you are deficient, you need to find out and address it right away…before things get worse.


1. Unexplained fatigue – that goes on for weeks or months (lack of red blood cell production)

2. Forgetfulness – chronic forgetfulness (may seem like senility)

3. Dizziness or vertigo – feeling wobbly 

4. Vision issues – blurriness, double vision, tracers, or light sensitivity (blocked blood vessels)

5. Pins and needles or numbness throughout the body (poor red blood cell production)


The best way to know for sure if these are symptoms of a vitamin deficiency is with lab work (blood).


Here’s a supplement to try. I like this for optimal absorption and the combo of folate, biotin, pantothenic acid (good for the skin), and Thorne is a quality brand.

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