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Creating Self-Love

Creating Self-Love

In the work that I do, I can say FOR SURE that everything comes down to truly and completely loving yourself


One form of self love is meditation. Yeah! I know it might sound strange. Yet if you think about any relationship, quality time together is a **requirement** for a relationship to be strong, resilient, and grounded. To know, understand, accept and adore one another. 


Imagine being in a relationship (or trying to) with someone who isn’t present when you’re together (looking at the phone, not making eye contact, distracted, not really listening)…how would that feel? Would it be a strong relationship that lifts you up or tears you down? 


Same is true with yourself. Rather than distancing, distracting, or seeking external validation, LOOK INSIDE.


Spending time in relaxed contemplation, being present with yourself and your body, letting yourself feel whatever comes up (with love and compassion) is a game changer!  


Though I once avoided meditation and had all the typical excuses (no time, too hard, not good at it, what’s the point), I now LOVE LOVE LOVE to be present with myself and my body.


This simple (yet profound) practice is a game changer for myself and my clients, from weight loss to happiness.


Purchase one session and try it yourself!

I Wasn’t Always Slender!

I Wasn’t Always Slender!


People who know me now usually think I’m naturally slender and don’t need to do much to stay that way.


While that may be true now, that was NOT always the case! Actually, I struggled with my weight (and overall health) for years and years and YEARS (and was almost 30 pounds heavier than I am now, with pre-diabetes). Nothing was working – believe me, I tried it all from diets to exercise to injections, to natural (and not so natural supplements). I tried cleanses, skipping meals and fasting, even going 19 days on only vegetable juice and water. I tried acupuncture, hypnotherapy, diuretics, and so much more. Nothing would happen or (worse) I’d lose weight only to gain it back. I had pretty much resigned myself to being overweight.


Except I knew the healthy me was in there somewhere. I kept experimenting until I finally discovered how to easily and almost-effortlessly be healthy/slender (I am 5’7″ and easily maintain a healthy weight of 130 pounds). My struggles motivated me to guide others!


There’s no need to keep struggling, ~Contact.FirstName~ – don’t take my word for it, check out what my clients have to say



My success is in tying together two critical pieces:

1) internal work (happiness that isn’t tied to external factors, mindset, beliefs, blocks, etc),

2) strategy, action-taking, addressing pathogens, shifting behaviors and sticking with it long enough to become new habits


Both are equally important and both MUST be synchronized – that’s why diets or traditional programs don’t tend to have high success rates (success = losing AND keeping the weight off for over 1 year).


In my experience, both parts require external guidance, direction, encouragement, accountability, etc…i.e., a mentor.

If you’re saying to yourself, yes but being overweight runs in the family (possibly true, possibly all lifestyle-created) so genetically I can’t be healthy/slender (totally untrue), you’re creating a false self-fulfilling prophecy for yourself! I used to cite that reason too…expect, it’s A LIE, a limiting belief that can keep you stuck your entire life.


I do not view excess weight in terms of appearance. Weight/body mass index (BMI) is an indication of overall health. I do what I do to create more health and happiness in the world! 


Complications/risk factors that arise from being overweight or obese include heart disease, stroke, diabetes (type 2), some cancers, gallbladder disease, kidney disease, liver disease, osteoarthritis, gout, infertility, problems during pregnancy, breathing problems such as sleep apnea and asthma. 

BMI (body mass index) is a more accurate indicator of healthy weight (as compared to weight alone). Use this calculator from CDC to calculate your BMI.


A healthy BMI is 18.5-24.9. If your BMI is 25 or above, it’s time to make changes.


Loving you, Marcie

Nutrition Myths

7 Holiday Nutrition Myths Debunked


Before you attempt to navigate the holiday season, take a look at these very interesting myths that are commonly held…and may or may not be true!


Fact or Fiction?

1. Dark Meat

2. Turkey

3. Potatoes

4. Cranberry Sauce

5. Occasional overeating

6. Wine

7. Pumpkin

and extra Healthy Tips



The Importance of No

The importance of saying NO 


The importance of saying no is to say YES to what you REALLY want…


Yesterday I looked into my own eyes and realized that I haven’t been fully in congruence with my truth. Deeply knowing what I want yet getting swept up in side roads.


Without judgement or regret, choosing to recommit to being aligned in my heart’s desire. And, fully honoring the beauty and magic of each and every moment leading me here, how it has all prepared me to receive what I know is coming.


We are conditioned to say yes, to fit in, to go along, to seek pleasure and instant gratification.

The thing is, for every yes something else becomes a no, due to less space and possibility. What if momentary enjoyment is blocking present day truths and future desires?


For instance…

2796.png➖a yes to staying out late means less space for a full night’s sleep/morning workout, etc

2796.png➖a yes to drinking, drugs, being distracted with technology means less possibility of being fully present in connecting with others

2796.png➖a yes to poor food choices means less vitality and zest, not being your best physically or mentally 

2796.png➖a yes to a job you hate can mean a no for following your passion career

2796.png➖a yes to buying into old patterns, beliefs and stories can mean a no for choosing and allowing new ways of being

2796.png➖a yes to a casual romance when you really want committed partnership means less space and attention for creating the relationship you truly desire 

2796.png➖a yes to others can means a no for yourself if you want different things or if you are not clear in your needs or boundaries


Are the yes’s distracting you or crowding out your truth, your dreams, your heart’s desires? Do all the yes’s mean you’re saying no to yourself?


It’s all part of the journey… consciously chosing yes’s and no’s. Checking in to choose space to create what you really want.


Do you love yourself enough to say no and hold space for your own possibilities? Even before they manifest in the physical plane?


I have so much love for life and the amazing people in my life…and I choose to love me enough to say no when it means I can say yes to my inner truths. This is the new level of self love I’ve committed to.

The Wisdom of Feeling

The Wisdom of Feeling


Be with the feelings 

The mind will tell you it’s unimportant 

You can’t stop

There’s no time

It’s not convenient
Keep moving
Push it down
Pretend, put up the mask


Sit with the feelings

The body will pull back 

Wants physical distraction

Running away

Exercise or sleep or food or sex

Trying to shift body chemistry

Habitual automatic behaviors



Allow the feelings

The stories will want to take over

Analyze, scrutinize, criticize

Exaggerate, amplify, complicate

Judge, invalidate, futurize 

Explain the feelings away

Anything to avoid it


Welcome the feelings 

Recognize the avoidance of darkness 

The shame, blame and guilt 

Fear of pain 

The habitual disconnection

The walls and walls and walls 

Layers upon layers 

Lack of connection 

Years, decades, a lifetime of avoidance 

Avoiding feelings is avoiding yourself


Notice the feelings 

Simple sensations

Be with yourself 

Without judgement 

Without story

No need to be a victim 

Without avoiding 

Without invalidating the need to feel

Moving toward, toward, toward

Where in your body

What is the color, texture, shape

Is it even your feeling


Feel the feelings 

Allowing space for







Allowing inner connection



Holding and comforting the little child within 


Choosing love and acceptance


Let the feeling have a voice, be heard, acknowledged, and felt. Know yourself.


Feel. The. Feelings.


Finally, truly, fully feel.








This is the practice.



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Gratitude Exercise

Gratitude Exercise

I adore the act of gratitude because it’s so powerful. Choosing to be thankful in your heart and body (not merely as an intellectual exercise) shifts your vibration, changes the energy you emit. And what you put out tends to return (law of attraction).


This is one of the huge shifts I’ve personally made this year…and trust me, it shifts your experience of life! 


 Gratitude is always available…it’s a choice you can make anytime, at any moment


TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR YOU – or ‘greatful’ as my brother Jeremy says, an attitude of great gratitude – he calls me the Queen of Gratitude (I love my family!).



Quick Exercise

Here’s how you can cultivate and strengthen your gratitude muscles…

Set the timer on your phone for 5-10 minutes (ringer off, airplane mode). Find a quiet place where you can sit in stillness, upright (against the wall or a chair). Close your eyes. Let your awareness move from your head down into your heart and connect there to the love and light that is your essence. Then let your awareness travel throughout your body, consciously connecting. Breathe deeply yet comfortably, feeling the life force reach every nook and cranny. Notice any sensations (like tingling, air on your skin). Be present. Let yourself open up to something or someone you’re grateful for (could be yourself!), and FEEL this feeling completely. Continue breathing, feeling, and being present until your alarm goes off (notice if you want to go longer and if so honor that).


Loving you,



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4 Myths

Four Myths
For the past week I’ve been going through survey responses one by one from my community of followers (see a few of the comments), and noticed an opportunity to myth-bust. Cuz my community (YOU) are too dang awesome to buy into self-limiting or sabotaging myths 😉
Feel free to add your two cents HERE
So, let’s bust some myths…
Myth: If I cannot exercise, I cannot lose weight.
Truth: you CAN lose weight without exercise! (Don’t let this be your excuse to having the health you desire!) In fact, I ask my clients not worry about exercise for the first several months (unless it’s already part of their routine). Why? Because it truly isn’t meant to be a primary weight loss strategy. Exercise is for toning, muscle building, deeper sleep and to generally feel better. Awesome news, right? Exercise is merely an addition to the other elements that truly create sustainable, lasting weight loss. And, it can be awesome fun and a way to self express (at least the way I do it, with treadmill dancing, making up my own resistance moves, hanging from jungle gyms and upside down stretching lol!).
Myth: I want to help others but I cannot until I’ve healed myself.
Truth: You don’t need to have it all figured out or be 100% healthy in order to be a valuable asset for others. In fact, personal life experience is the #1 thing that makes a coach effective. When I first started working with clients, I definitely didn’t have it all figured out (the truth is no one does!). Though I had come a long way, I was still learning and healing. There were plenty of times I doubted myself. Yet I knew more than most, and was able to provide substantial value. And more importantly, in my heart I KNEW I was meant to do this work, that my struggles had a bigger purpose beyond my own life. My experiences were to gain the firsthand knowledge, empathy, and understanding that makes such a difference with my clients.
My personal experience taught me FAR more than I learned from ALL the schooling, health curriculums, workshops, or certifications. And now I know TONS…but by no means have it all figured out. I’m always learning.
Bottom line: don’t let “I’m not in perfect health myself” be your excuse for ignoring your calling!
Myth: “I’ve failed”.
Truth: This one is about mindset. Failure is a judgement, a label that, let’s face it, really doesn’t get us anywhere. The truth is, every time we try we learn something, get more clarity about what’s important (or not important) to us. We learn what works or what doesn’t work. We get additional info.
So was it really failure? You get to choose!
Myth: I don’t know where to start.
Truth: Yes, there’s a lot going on in your life. Yes, with all the conflicting information it can be hard to sort through it all. It can feel overwhelming and there will be times you feel stuck – it’s part of life.
One thing I see with those who come to me is that CONFUSION CAN BE AN EXCUSE – something you can point to as a reason you haven’t dealt with something in your life.
When you allow yourself the time and space to be quiet and listen, the answers are there. When you pay attention, the signs will be there – when you are too rushed or preoccupied, you’ll miss them. Maybe it’s multiple people mentioning the same book or podcast, maybe it’s a feeling, maybe it’s the same persistent health coach who keeps showing up in your in-box or on Facebook (wink). Part of it is trusting yourself, trusting the Universe, trusting the process. You are exactly where you need to be to get the lessons that will take you to the next level. Choose to step out of confusion and.just.start.
Loving you, Marcie

This is Key For Health and Happiness

This Is Key For Health & Happiness

When it comes to health, there’s one essential key to it all. It’s not something you’re going to want to hear…




What you do most consistently is what you’ll get!


Quick Exercise (one of the things I have my clients do):

Ask yourself: what are my 3 most consistent behaviors, 3 most frequent thoughts and 3 most prevalent states of being (feelings)? These will determine your results. 


It’s human nature to look for shortcuts. If you can have what you want sooner – or right away – and especially without putting in a ton of effort, why not?!!



The problem? There’s no magic pill or button.



It’s consistency that predicts your result. If you do something once, you’ll get a tiny result. If you do something once a day, results improve. It’s when you do something regularly that results really show. 



Especially with health and weight loss.



When it comes to health and weight loss, there’s plenty of information on the web, in books and audios and such that provide education. AND, information that isn’t put to use doesn’t change anything or improve your life. It’s just useless facts 🙂



That’s why successful people, high-achievers, and people who are SERIOUS about getting results hire coaches: for personalized direction, customized strategy, encouragement, and consistency. When my clients encounter resistance (part of the process of change/transformation), I’m there so they don’t give up. I’m there to remind them of their bigger goals. I’m there so they don’t slip back into old patterns of failure or unworthiness. 


It’s basic math. 


Consistency = Results 




To get started, book your consult. We’ll figure out your plan for nutrition, health, supplementation therapy, self-sabotaging patterns, mindset, and more.


Food Body and Eating Disorders



The topic of food and the body can be a sensitive subject for many, something that as a society we aren’t talking about. Instead, we put on a mask, pretending everything is fine when there’s so much going on behind the facade. Perhaps there’s shame, blame, guilt, unease or even a negative cycle associated with food/eating or how you feel about your body…


We all want to look amazing – and feel triggered if our outsides are not matching up to who we want to be or know we can be. 


It doesn’t have to be this way. Trust me – I used to feel traumatized by this whole topic. I would weigh myself constantly, check every mirror, worry if I was ‘thin enough’ or ‘looked okay’. The feeling was desperation and sadness (with some body hatred thrown in for good measure).


Whew, what an energy drain that was! Then I realized (through work similar to what  I’m sharing today) that I had a subconscious belief that if I wasn’t beautiful, I wouldn’t be loved or accepted. And that was just the tip of the massive healing that’s taken place…


To me, it’s not about looking a certain way (beauty comes in many many ways). It’s about how you relate to yourself and your body. 


Letting go of old stuff (I’ll just say it: BS) is so liberating! It truly is a journey TOWARD yourself (rather than running away from, which is where food and other substances come in). 


If any of the following are true, it’s an opportunity to look at what’s happening inside (rather than focusing on behavior):

  • I eat when I’m not physically hungry
  • I use food to deal with feelings of insecurity, anxiety, sadness, anger, depression, discomfort, etc
  • I use food for entertainment
  • Food is a balm for loneliness
  • I don’t like my body
  • I don’t feel confident or comfortable in my body
  • I feel guilty about food/eating
  • I binge eat (or alternate deprivation with binging)
  • I have an eating disorder
  • I suspect that my relationship with food is unhealthy
  • I spent too much time worrying about how my body looks
  • I diet a lot
  • I feel stuck when it comes to body love and acceptance 


Loving you,


the real cause of inflammation

The Real Cause of Inflammation


Many years ago, my boyfriend at the time told me, “You are 10 pounds away from perfection.” I know he meant it as a compliment to be so close to perfect…but what I heard was that I was too far away to ever be perfect, that it was unachievable. The truth is, it broke my heart that he believed that and that I felt so incapable of doing anything about it. 


You see, I had spent most of my life trying to lose that very ten pounds. Correction: I had spent my whole life trying to be perfect so I’d (finally) be lovable.


No matter what, I couldn’t get that weight to go away. I’d been HATED that weight, and by extension my body, and therefore I hated myself (it’s all one).


Years prior, I had revolutionized my eating habits, detoxed from inflammatory foods, and lost a bunch of weight (at once point I was quite a bit heavier)…but that wasn’t enough. It was those stubborn, mean, rude, hateful last.ten.pounds.


The thing is, I hadn’t detoxed my emotional state. Namely, my relationship with myself. When you have low vibration feelings, especially about yourself, it affects your body…your life…everything you attract in…everything you create or can create for your life.


Low vibration emotion is inflammatory


If you are living with low vibration energy, you’re hanging on to stuff you don’t want.

There’s just no way around this fact. 


If you haven’t detoxed your body or your energy, and you’re ready and willing to, let’s talk.

Simply email me ( and tell me what’s going on for you and why you think you’re ready to invest in coaching or fill out an application. If I can help, I’ll tell you. If I can’t help, I’ll tell you. I’m in the business of truly making a difference, once and for all!

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