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Quick Tip

See if this sounds familiar…you chow down breakfast while checking your phone… multi-task while eating lunch… get home late and eat while watching Netflix or while answering emails…or pick up take-out on the way home and eat while driving. It’s efficient, right? Why not get things done while eating?


The thing is, when we aren’t present with our food (multitasking, being distracted, eating quickly, etc), it compromises our digestion, assimilation, nutrient absorption, and especially our enjoyment of the food.


When we aren’t present with our bodies, we can easily overeat because we haven’t given our bodies the chance to send the “full” signal (or haven’t heard it).


So my quick tip for today is:



Creating Presence (Mindfulness):

  • Let yourself be calm (rest & digest vs fight/flight).
  • Take some deep breaths to prepare your body to eat.
  • Give gratitude.
  • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly, give each bite your full attention.
  • Put your fork down between bites so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Take pleasure in the food’s appearance, scent, colors, and taste.
  • Savor each bite.
  • Visualize the nutrients going exactly where they are needed and your body functioning optimally.
  • Give gratitude to the food and Mother Earth.
  • Send your body loving, appreciative messages as you eat.


There’s a methodology to health, happiness and being at your optimal weight. Mindfulness is one part of this. It’s a habit that can transform your life.


That’s it for now.

Love ya,


My #1 Happiness Secret

My #1 Happiness Secret

I remember when I was too closed up emotionally to feel. It had been years since I’d cried.


My brother died when he was 12 years old (I was 16) which left me confused and questioning God…things were rough with my father and I moved out feeling unsafe at home…I felt misunderstood, alone and forgotten. Like I was carrying around an unbearable load. I felt empty inside. It was hard to breathe.


I got used to walling up my feelings, not ever really letting my true self be seen or felt.


I got used to feeling sad, depressed, anxious and angry.


I got used to the backlog of unexpressed emotion…which showed up in my body as aches, pains, compromised immunity, and disease (I didn’t make the correlation till much later).


My body and soul were perpetually in a state of fight/flight.


What shifted?

Sometimes (okay, often) it takes some serious motivation.

I’d been into holistic health for years, dabbling with meditation (an unavoidable component of total health)… but it took meeting someone who was so passionate about it that I was inspired. I took on a 90-day meditation practice. No matter what, I sat with myself. Even if it was for just ten minutes.


Regular meditation changed my life


In meditation, I unraveled. My body felt new life. The pain eased. 


Slowly over weeks and months of going inward daily, I FELT myself…perhaps for the first time.


The feelings I’d stuffed down for years arose. The tears of sadness, anger, frustration were finally released…and eventually turned into feelings of gratitude, joy, and inner peace.


Being dedicated to myself in this way changed my life and ability to trust…and continues to create shifts. The more I meditate, the more space I create to bring in what I want in life because I have greater access to the inner peace, contentment, and joy inside.


As Dr Joe Dispenza talks about, the first step in manifestation is changing your internal state. 


This sweet space I create for myself changes my internal state. It is my comfort and solace. It where I go to reconnect, to feel, to find clarity. It feels like returning home


The external world is a reflection of your internal state. So my #1 happiness secret is to shift your internal state.


There are many roads that can take you there. For me, none is as powerful as being fully present with myself, my body, my inner wisdom. Meditation was and is the vehicle that takes me to inner peace, again and again.


Today I want to share the blessing, so I’m offering one 20-minute guided session (limited number available). This will be a one-on-one customized remote session via audio or video, weaving your specific desires into the meditation. You’ll get an audio recording to continue your own practice.




After you sign up, we will schedule it! I’m so excited to get you going on or returning to a life of sweetness and ease.


With Love,


What To Do About Pain

What To Do About Pain


Let’s talk about pain.


Pain, and especially chronic pain, is one of the major reasons my clients choose to work with me. My story of chronic pain lasted SIXTEEN YEARS. Pain so bad it was limiting, debilitating, and hugely affected my self-esteem. It felt like even my eyelashes hurt. Chronic illness seemed like a curse…but of course those long years were a blessing and wakeup call.  


Living organisms move toward pleasure & away from pain



What to do about pain?


1) If the pain is from an injury (acute), address it immediately based on what is most appropriate, combined with your preference and values (for instance, I’m a fan of physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, etc). Once the body is set right and has time to heal, the pain will disappear. 


2. If the pain is ongoing (chronic) or recurring (repeated ‘accidental’ injuries), there’s something deeper to uncover. Repressed emotional pain often turns into physical pain, injury, disease, cancer…on and on. The longer it goes unaddressed, the worse it gets. This is the body’s way of (trying to) get your attention.


In my experience, lasting pain has an emotional root: unexpressed emotion combined with the story we tell ourselves about an event (usually in our past, often from childhood). Until this pain is separated from the story (the version you see as truth but is actually your interpretation, which may be ‘hurting’ you) and FELT, you’ll continue to feel pain. To feel is to heal. Once it is released, you’ll feel liberated, body and soul! 


This process, Trauma Release Process (TRP), is part of the work I do with clients all over the world, and it is powerful. Even one session can be pivotal in releasing pain while increasing freedom.


With awareness, comes the opportunity to shift. What appears to be a painful body may really be an anguished soul. 


If you don’t have access to someone who can guide you through identifying and releasing old baggage, now may be the time to do so (there’s a reason you chose to read this email today!). 


This One Awareness Changes Everything

This One Awareness Changes EVERYTHING

Have you been struggling with something? Your health, level of happiness, a relationship, money, love or [insert issue here].






Yep, you heard me! While struggle isn’t generally pleasant in the moment, that’s when we gain the most. And (like everything), *HOW* we approach it that makes all the difference. Do you welcome challenges or do anything and everything to avoid them? 


Here’s something to consider

What if it isn’t about the thing itself (health challenge, lack of money, feeling stuck, not having the love relationship you desire, etc), but actually YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO IT?!!


Let me explain…when I got sick almost 25 years ago and as the illness became chronic and weeks turned into months then years, I became more and more worried, stressed, fearful, anxious, depressed, confused, doubtful and hopeless. 


The fear became worse than the health situation itself


I lived in a self-imposed prison of fear and anxiety. For over a decade. Assuming it was my health, my body, my situation that was creating limitations, unhappiness, and a tiny life. My relationship to what was was fearful, frustration and avoidant. 


The truth is, fear, stress, worry, anxiety (and all that came along with it) were the real reasons I wasn’t living the life I imagined for myself as a child!


My relationship to what was happening turned my life into a prison


So my question for you today darling, is (know that I’m asking in love and service to you): where are you making the beliefs about your situation (cuz we all have something a-happening!) worse than it really is?


Let yourself really sit with this question because the mind is a trickster. The mind will try to tell you that it’s not you (what you’re telling yourself, your beliefs or assumptions, your fear about it), it’s truly the situation. Give yourself permission for full honesty.


Loving You!


My Top 3 Health Tips



My Top 3 Health Tips


Working with clients these past 6 years (& myself for over 20 years), here are my top 3 tips:

1. Sleep! The right quantity for you and quality. Restoration is the foundation for health and happiness! When I dialed in my sleep, things started to shift for me (after over a decade and a half of chronic illness). I’m still vigilant with sleep. 

2. Conscious relaxation (meditation, breathing, yoga, nature). This is where we train the mind and body to be calm no matter what is going on around us. This is where we cultivate presence so we don’t feel that feeling of emptiness or that we are missing out on our own lives. This is where we create the depth of connection, starting within. When I committed to daily meditation, my life changed! 

3. Fun movement that challenges your body appropriately and gives you self-expression opportunities (dancing, hiking, skipping, etc). Listen to your body and inner wisdom on this. As women we tend to do better with more flowy free movements (feminine energy) than structured movement (masculine energy). Everyone is different. For me, I do best with at least 50-60% flow-based movement. When I’m doing primarily weights, spin, etc I lose touch with my divine feminine essence. I check in with my body each day on workout choice. 

Bonus: Food is #4 and I take a different approach than most nutritionists. It’s about combining personal awareness, mindfulness, and science (hormones, neurotransmitters, inflammation, and more to create an effective and efficient strategy that works. 

Then mindset is the underlying thread that brings it all together.


Sending you love,

Marcie, CHHC


3 Tips

People from all over the world find me with questions about weight loss, happiness, love, abundance, and health in general. They know that something isn’t working, and that in order to get different results, something must change. Usually it’s a coach/mentor: having someone by your side makes all the difference! 

There’s definitely ways you can set yourself up for success.

Soooooo…Today I have 3 tips for you.


1. Mindset

Choose to make changes from a place of compassion, kindness and self-love, NOT from a place of shame (this can be a big one with bodies and weight). Make improvements via loving yourself, honoring yourself, being patient with yourself (after all, you are learning new skills!), and by knowing you are worthy of being your best and most potent self!

In fact, the biggest impact and transformation my clients walk away with after 7 months: really and truly loving themselves and feeling so alive! Then, weight loss, better energy and health, promotions, relationships, passions, and dream life follows!! 


2. Consistency

We all know that if you go to the gym and exercise once, not much will happen. It takes regularity. Consistency is key. The results you can expect are directly correlated with how consistent you are with yourself. It’s not what you do once or once per week – it’s about what you do each day, from food to habits to thoughts. 


3. Be Happy!

I know it sounds counterintuitive, right? I need a guide, right? What, just choose to be happy? Yup. Each day, look for the joy, the fun, the ways you can appreciate and enjoy whatever is in front of you – even if it’s not what you want to be in front of you now.

When you shift your energy by choosing your feelings, you attract more of the same to you (law of attraction). What you put out in energy, returns materially.

Remember, you get to choose what to focus on: the lack, the deficiencies of life…or, the abundance, the abundance all around us. Gratitude is gratitude, even if it’s for the smallest thing. And that shift in vibration can change everything. 

Also, guess what?! When you’re happy (or grateful or having fun and enjoying life), you are less likely to overeat, binge, or go for the unhealthy quick-fix foods. You are less likely to use food as a substitute for whatever is lacking (perceived to be lacking). So, happiness is not only the goal, it *IS* the solution!


There you have it…those are my top tips, the basis for manifesting what you want, and creating a life you LOVE! 


Become Your Own Hero!

Become Your Own Hero! 


Get your Free Gift HERE

Giving Gratitude

Giving Gratitude

Every day is a chance for gratitude, truly! An example of the Universe generously reminding us of endless blessings…

Friday night my boyfriend and I were driving on the freeway and hit a slick spot (it had just begun raining). The rear-wheel drive fishtailed around a turn, going out of control and spun around before crashing on the other side. My car was totaled.

I was taken to the emergency room and treated for relatively minor injuries. No other cars or people were involved.



I am so grateful we are both alive and intact. While we were spinning out of control I really wasn’t sure if we’d both come through it. Such a powerful reminder that every moment is a gift and blessing, especially those we love.

We spent much of the rest of the weekend in reflection and gratitude.

I believe we were divinely protected and watched over and am so thankful for this, an opportunity to reflect on and appreciate all the miracles we experience daily in our lives, no matter how large or small… Gratitude to be here and now on this planet… with so much purpose yet to share…


Aging Backward (Video)


Aging Backward – Video Interview


Recently I was interviewed to speak for a big online event. Here’s the interview!


Link for the free gift HERE

Q and A

Q and A


If you are not currently living the vibrantly healthy, happy life you desire, read on…


Over the years, thousands have come to me from all over the world – including other health practitioners. They find me because something isn’t working. Often it’s illness or weight struggles, other times it has to do with being unable to access the levels of joy and zest that could be possible. 



Here are some of the most prominent questions I get asked by those interested in becoming a client…


1. Do I need to overhaul my diet to lose weight and/or feel better?

1A. Changes are key – otherwise you’ll keep getting more of the same – although there are many ways to do this. I collaborate with each client to find the best strategy that won’t mean you have to drop everything else in your life in order to see results.



2. Do I have to exercise in order to lose weight?

2A. Nope! Exercise is great for toning and creates neurotransmitters that make you feel good, but it is NOT necessary for weight loss. My clients find the weight coming off without exercise…then, because they have more energy and feel great, exercise feels like the something their bodies WANT to do.



3. Is your program for people who want to lose lots of weight or the last bit? Men or women? 

3A. Both. I’ve worked with both men and women, and those who want to lose 60+ pounds and the last 5-10 pounds. Read more…



4. I read that you have over 90% success rate! What makes your program so successful?

4A. Since I work with clients individually, they get a completely customized program with a dedicated advocate by their side for at least 6 months. It’s a whole-life (holistic) approach, combining nutrition, mindset, lifestyle choices for specific challenges and goals, and addressing nutritional deficiencies and any other gaps. We speak at length, I review lab work, and together we come up with a realistic plan that will be adjusted as we go. It’s about uncovering the missing link(s) so you can accelerate toward your dream body and life!



5. What if I’m already eating restrictively but the weight isn’t coming off?

5A. Great question! I was in that category for years, unable to lose those last 10-12 pounds. I had eliminated a huge litany of foods, yet my weight wasn’t budging. Then I realized there were missing links that had not been addressed. Once they were, voila! It was literally a matter of several months. My clients really benefit from my method of easy, all-natural weight loss and energy without hunger or feeling deprived. So magical! 



6. Are you taking new clients in 2018?

6A. I have space for 4 new private clients starting next month, and there’s a waiting list to start with me later in the year. Fill out the application to get started

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