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If you are READY to have an AMAZING life in every area (health, relationships, prosperity, happiness, etc), this is your chance to enter to win a reduced-cost private consultation with Marcie to discuss your situation and the potential of working together. 


Apply if one (or more) is true:

  • your health is compromised
  • what you want for your health/life isn’t happening and you aren’t sure how to get there
  • you feel stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out
  • you notice your health is suffering while you build your empire
  • you’re running in so many directions but not getting anything done
  • your own needs have moved to the bottom of the list
  • you start making strides with your health and happiness, then ‘fall off’ – so there’s very little progress or forward momentum
  • it feels like you are forcing rather than flowing
  • you’ve stopped trusting yourself
  • you are ready to regain your zest
  • you know something must change – or your present AND future will be in jeopardy
  • you are open to doing something differently
  • you are ready to receiving guidance and accountability
  • you are ready for your bigger life!
  • it’s time for a mentor!


This Transformative Session is a chance for clarity and forward movement – both are VITAL to reaching your goals and dreams!


Others have said this session gave them the motivation to finally make changes, uncovered big gaps, helped them get their head in the game, and find renewed hope!

  • First, we’ll unearth what you truly want for your health/life – your vision, your dreams, your big why. Think of this as fuel for your journey.
  • Then, we’ll identify what is REALLY holding you back and stopping you from grabbing onto these goals. For many people, these obstacles seem insurmountable…BUT in our session…
  • We will discuss tools and strategies you can use for once and for all demolish those obstacles! 
  • We will talk about if you are a fit to work with me as your dedicated coach


Instructions: Complete the application below. I’ll be in touch if you are selected!

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These sessions have been LIFE CHANGING for so many people! 

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This is your opportunity to move forward with your goals!

IMG_3898***I HELP SUCCESSFUL HIGH-ACHIEVERS AGE BACKWARD in a fun and holistic way. Align with your life purpose, keep your edge, and stay sexy…have the best years of your life with each passing year!***

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