Acknowledge Yourself

Do you ever feel like you aren’t making headway? That you have these big goals, from aligning with your passion/life purpose to creating fulfilling relationships to improved health to real self-love…and it seems like you are only moving in micro steps? Then something happens and you not only aren’t moving forward, now it seems like backward? 

I can relate! 

Even while mentoring others (for almost 10 years now), my own life does not move forward in a linear progression like I assumed (and hoped!) it would once I gathered knowledge, did the outer and inner work, practice it, etc, etc. 

And yet, looking back over time I can see how much I’ve grown and all that I’ve created. And I bet you have too. And, at least for me, the tendency to be hard on myself is still there. After all this concentrated work, my own inner critic still sabotages me. Yet now I have the insight and tools and habits to keep going back to a better head space. 

And here’s what I keep coming back to. It’s not about what happens, it’s about how you handle it. 

When challenges arise or something doesn’t go the way you wanted or expected it to, what is your go to? Blame (externalizing/ego), shame (internalizing/shadow), feeling helpless (victim/wounded inner child), or criticizing/making yourself wrong (internalizing/inner critic). Or, do you choose to see it as a learning experience, an opportunity, a chance to see something new or learn about yourself? Do you use tough times as a chance to get closer to yourself, to develop inner strength and conviction? Do you love yourself less or more during tough times?

See, we all have these parts of ourself, that if we aren’t aware we think are who we are. But they aren’t. Your essence and highest self is pure presence, but then there are layers that cover that up that we call our personality. Namely, beliefs, assumptions, survival instincts and patterns, habits/habitual behaviors, established cognitive neuropathways. We each have ego, shadow, inner child, and inner critic, all competing to be heard and to be in charge. We don’t need to make these parts wrong or try to eliminate them – they each serve a purpose. But, like a small child demanding attention, they aren’t going away.

A huge part of the process of wholeness is integration: learning how to successful work *together* with these parts. 

This is a big part of the work I do with my private clients. Sure, we uplevel health and nutrition, my clients drop weight, have more energy and feel confident and empowered. But the bald truth is that without digging deeper, nothing will change in any area – or it will only be a short-term change then back to old ways (no one wants that!).

Just wanted to share these ideas with you today, to hopefully give you some hope and inspiration. And to tell you I’m proud of you, of all the effort you’ve put into being here, on the path to wholeness and in my community. Please take a moment to acknowledge yourself. 

Love, Marcie

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