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Hi, I’m Marcie. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, as I’ll be communicating with you regularly on your journey to lasting health and happiness.

But first, I’m thrilled you’ve joined me on this exciting journey ~ that says a LOT about you :). You’re in great company – my community is over 40,000 around the world. Make sure to LIKE my Facebook page (I post extra stuff there).

I’m a health and life coach who specializes in helping smart, high-achieving women and men regain the ZEST they thought was lost (or want more of). I’ve written two best-selling books, appeared on dozens of media outlets, hosted many highly successful events, and have my own line of nutrition products. 

My commitment to you is to provide information and resources so you can be empowered to make smart health and happiness decisions for the rest of your life. I bring you the best of the best, what you need to know to stay on the cutting edge. Stick with me, baby…I’ll take you where you want to go!


Why you should listen to me

I’m not here to preach. I’m not here to talk down to you. I don’t think I’m better or know more than you. It’s just that, chances are, I’ve been at it longer. Over the years my experience has given me a deeper understanding that goes beyond the science of nutrition and psychology and the way the brain works. As I evolve, I have really come to understand and honor each client and each person who comes to me. 

When I was 21 I was told by doctors that I had an incurable condition and the best I could hope for was to manage my symptoms. Yikes! I saw the rest of my life, decades and decades, stretching out ahead of me, full of relentless pain, mind-numbing fatigue, and a life I wanted to run away from.

After 16 long years, I was able to reverse this ‘incurable’ illness (and have since been instrumental in the healing recovery of so many others).To date, I’ve been a student and mentor of health and happiness for over 22 years. 

I don’t give advice from a pedestal. I give it from a place of experience, truth and love. I offer my support from a place of truly wanting you to be as healthy and happy as possible…then, we ALL win!


So where do we go from here?

  • If you’ve been chronically ill (despite all the doctors and attempts), I can help you turn it around.
  • If you’ve struggled with your weight, I have a proven system to get you on track to be at a healthy weight in a sustainable, lasting way.
  • If you lack the energy and vitality you desire, I can help you regain (or improve) your zest.
  • If you are sabotaging your goals with emotional eating, poor decision making (or not making decisions or taking action), limiting beliefs, or other self-sabotage behaviors, I can guide you into healing. 
  • If you are a career person or entrepreneur (or want to be) with big goals for yourself, I can help you with the vitality and mindset needed (as well as business and career strategy).
  • If you are struggling with confidence, I can help you with personal boundaries. 


What Makes Me Different?

I am a combination coach, mentor, counselor, nutritionist and psychologist, given that I approach working with clients from all angles. I use the science of nutrition, the research on the brain and psychology, and combine it with years of experience. I don’t just provide nutrition or health strategies; I don’t just facilitate personal growth and development; I don’t just offer business/career mentoring or ways to better relationships, I bring it all together.

My own health struggles of 16 years has given me the blessing of experience: an large supply of insight, wisdom, empathy, humility, and understanding. If you’re struggling with it chances are I have too. I know what it’s like to be in a body that feels like a prison. A body that is unhealthy, painful, exhausted, with excess weight. I know what it’s like to have your life shattered by a health crisis. I know what it’s like to go from an up-and-coming career woman, excited about life and all the possibilities, to someone who would consider giving up.

Along the way, I’ve tried almost everything, from mainstream to cutting edge and even fringe. I’ve spent almost half million on my health, so I’ve personally experienced most treatments and protocols. I know about the gremlins in your head, the ones that sabotage you…and I know how to turn them into supporters.

It has made me passionate about saving others the long, desperate, lonely years of poor health and unhappiness.

On top of the personal experience, I have been formally educated in nutrition, coaching, and continually seek out additional ways to learn and additional credentials.


To be a catalyst for others, to fight for others, to inspire and believe in others as they achieve greatness is my calling!


Working with me is like hopping into a time machine. Instead of years of struggle, it’s possible to turn things around in a matter of weeks and months!




Marcie Peters, CHHC (certified holistic health coach) is The Age Backward Mentor, a thought leader in nutrition and health, a best-selling author, and the founder/visionary behind The Health and Happiness Guide and Transform Your Health Summit.

Marcie is committed to empowering others to live COURAGEOUSLY with vibrant health. She is absolutely passionate about helping others with chronic illness find restored health, as she was able to do after her own history of 16 years of chronic debilitating illness.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and attended Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), studying all the major dietary theories, with training under Joshua Rosenthal, Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Dr William Davis, David Wolfe, Dr Daniel Kalish, Dr Mark Hyman, Christa Orecchio, Louise Hay, and many others.

With a passion for health and nutrition, Marcie provides valuable education and coaching aimed at transforming/reversing the symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, leaky gut, digestion issues, sleep issues/insomnia, excess weight, diabetes, and compromised immune system by focusing on food as medicine along with other lifestyle and health modalities for optimal healing and vitality.

Marcie believes that no one is broken or deficient, and everyone has their own answers inside…but sometimes getting in touch with those answers and expressing your best self requires a dedicated mentor and support system. 

If you are struggling with a illness or weight, let Marcie’s experience and knowledge guide you back to health! 

Marcie has guided countless people to improved health and a more connected, blissful life (read testimonials).




***I HELP SUCCESSFUL HIGH-ACHIEVERS AGE BACKWARD in a fun and holistic way. Align with your life purpose, keep your edge, and stay sexy…have the best years of your life with each passing year!***


My Story

When I was in my early twenties I became very ill – and didn’t recover for 16 long years.

For a long time, I assumed it was a medical condition and expected doctors to fix me/resolve the increasingly worsening countless other symptoms. But doctors didn’t have answers…they said it was in my head, deal with it, best you can do is manage it. Doctor after doctor, and no answers.

I felt like a zombie, barely surviving through a cloud of fog, losing the sense of who I really was, ultimately isolating myself, losing my friends and relationships, secluded and alone, terrified about my future. 

I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome (a label/diagnosis without any idea of the cause) and given drugs for pain, depression and sleep (which ultimately made things worse).

The battle with chronic illness was extremely trying for the majority of my adult life. These years were dark, bleak, and felt hopeless.

My body felt like it was battling me for the very right to wake up each morning and at times I wished I would pass away in my sleep. Everything hurt, I had no will to get out of bed (even though sleep was too troubled to be a solace), I could barely work, and my former ambition and tenacity seemed to have faded away.

I went from an avid fitness enthusiast to zero exercise because it hurt too much. I experienced a cascade of symptoms, all piling up to create chaos: all over body pain, digestion issues, insomnia/sleep disturbance, adrenal fatigue, daily headaches, depression, anxiety, PMS, mood swings, cold all the time, severe degenerative arthritis (it hurt to walk), weight gain, extreme sugar cravings, severe hunger (even after eating), chronic systemic inflammation (puffy all over), chronic constipation, bloating, sinus and allergy issues.

Fast forward a dozen years. I’d put tons of effort and close to half million into my health (declaring bankruptcy along the way) – looking for relief and a cure (health had become a full time occupation by then).

My life now consisted of searching out the right doctors and health practitioners, looking for finding helpful treatments, taking the right supplements, eschewing prescription meds, holistically working on my physical, emotional and spiritual self, lowering stress levels, exercising despite the knee pain, going to bed early, cooking, taking nutrition classes, getting chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, naturopathic, Chinese medicine, and ayurveda treatments, creating sustainable nutrition, drinking more water, being easier on myself, following directions and trying to do everything right…an almost endless and exhaustive amount of work. All the doctors who claimed to help me were unable to.

I was labeled a “tough” or “challenging” case and basically given up on. But I refused to stop looking for answers; I refused to live a half-life of constant relentless pain, trembling exhaustion, sleepless nights, fuzzy thinking, unproductive days, low self-esteem, daily headaches, anxiety, depression and frustration. I was determined to find a way back to my true self, which I knew at the core was vibrant, giving, capable, hard-working, talented, able.

I felt broken but knew I wasn’t or at least didn’t have to be. I tried not to be reduced to always looking for that ‘magic’ pill or therapy or remedy or treatment or doctor or facility…but the allure was often the only thing to keep me going.

Finally, desperate and willing to do anything I met a health coach who helped me change my eating habits and eliminate gluten and dairy completely (I didn’t have a clue that dairy was an issue for me!). Still, I struggled with the idea…wanting to fight against making these changes – it felt like severe deprivation. I was in denial. Like the only source of comfort (food) was being stripped from me. 

But I was desperate…at the end of my rope. So I embarked on a journey of being committed to my health and myself.

My health coach was instrumental, and she urged me to use all the knowledge I had accumulated (along with my own experience) to help others. 


In the end, making these changes saved me. 

If I can heal (after 16 years!), anyone can heal.

I help others reclaim their health and AGE BACKWARD, offering targeted coaching programs for direction, clarity, guidance, and accountability. 

Age backward with me!

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Yours in health and happiness,



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