7 Simple Steps to Wellness


7 Simple Steps to Wellness Educational Class

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Would you like to learn the exact steps to dial in all parts of your health: physical, mental, emotional?

Set yourself up for lifelong optimal health.

Package Includes:

  • One hour class (downloadable)
  • PDF file of the slides
  • 2 Audio Visualizations for clarity 

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Value $27

Just $11Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 1.13.33 PM


  •  Sleeping deliciously and waking with energy!
  •  Nourishing your body in ways that make you feel vibrant and alive
  •  Having a strong sense of inner peace and well-being
  •  Being at your ideal weight, without starving yourself or doing crazy cleanses
  •  Feeling confident and aligned 
  •  Learning how to prioritize nutrition and exercise
  •  Finding balance and enjoying sustainable vibrant health
  •  Feeling AH-mazing

Only $11 for the entire package!

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Electronic only, no hard copies provided


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