Cause and Effect

Cause & Effect -OR- CAUSING the Effect

Have you ever thought about how much you allow your environment to affect you? It happens so naturally you may not realize it. Your work colleague is in a mood – you find yourself irritated. Traffic is bad – you arrive at the gym feeling stressed. Your kids are out of control – you become frazzled and impatient.


Here’s the thing: it’s a choice. The common denominator is always you (wink).


In my last post I talked about self-love – it’s one of the main tenants of creating a life you love.


One of the ways to love yourself is to CHOOSE how much your environment affects you (YES, it’s a choice). 


The way YOU show up absolutely affects everything (if you haven’t watched the movie What The Bleep, do so). Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. The things you need to pay attention to come into your space, sometimes again and again (patterns) to show us what we can’t see.


How do we know this? It’s quantum physics. Your experiences are not the same as everyone else’s (just ask your siblings about their experience of your parents!).


So, are you leading a life of cause and effect OR are you CAUSING the effect???!


 Here’s the cool thing: you get to choose 😉


Love ya, Marcie

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