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Keep Your Edge, Stay Sexy & Get BETTER with each year!

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We don’t know each other (yet) but if you’re here, I can almost bet that you’re a rockstar doing some downright amazing things in your life. You’re busy, motivated, ambitious, focused and determined. You are on your way and have achieved success…but something is missing. Somewhere along the way, you got off track with your health or you aren’t reaching your full potential in terms of energy and vibrancy. And you know if you could, you’d have more of an edge in all areas of your life. That’s where I come in…

Welcome! I’m Marcie Peters, America’s Whole-Life Coach, Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach, and your Ambassador of Aging Backward.

***I HELP SUCCESSFUL HIGH-ACHIEVERS AGE BACKWARD in a fun and holistic way. Become better and more vibrant and more youthful with age, love your body and fall in love with your life! Align with your life purpose, keep your edge, and stay sexy…have the best years of your life with each passing year!***

After successfully reversing my own 16-year chronic illness and ‘aging backward’, my passion is guiding others to become more youthful and vibrant at any age.

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  • Do you want your health and sense of well-being to be as amazing as the rest of your life?
  • Do want to make sure your edge doesn’t diminish as you age?
  • Are you confused about nutrition or just want an simple, straightforward plan?
  • Do you have cravings or eat when you aren’t hungry?
  • Do you feel that your energy and vitality could be better?
  • Do you rush around all day, and feel out of balance?
  • Do you feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and know that your health could be better
  • Is it important to you to live up to your maximum potential?
  • Do you want to stay sexy no matter what your age?

My clients are extraordinary women (and the occasional remarkable man) wanting to AGE BACKWARDS, get their sexy back, have the body of their dreams, enjoy true confidence, and be successful in all areas of life…and realize they can’t get there alone. 

Complete an application to work with me. 

I can help you:

  • Sleep deliciously and wake up with energy!
  • Nourish your body in ways that make you feel vibrant and alive
  • Have a strong sense of inner peace and well-being
  • Be at your ideal weight, without starving yourself or doing crazy cleanses
  • Feel confident and aligned with your highest self
  • Learn how to prioritize nutrition and exercise
  • Find balance and enjoy sustainable vibrant health
  • Address the source of emotional eating so it doesn’t keep happening
  • Learn how to easily cook delicious healthy meals
  • Feel AH-mazing



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