Why Health Challenges are a Gift

Why Health Challenges are a Gift

For most of my adult life, I was sick. So sick that even now, years later, it’s still fresh and painful, and hard to force myself to remember. So sick that it was difficult to get out of bed and often after less than an hour of being up and about, I’d crawl back into bed, worn out and exhausted. So sick I thought that I must certainly be dying. So sick that often, I wanted to not live more than I want to live.

I was shell-shocked, disappointed, shamed, embarrassed, and downright ANGRY that life had become such a struggle, and so quickly, that it was such an absolute fight to make it through the day. I was confused and hurt and bewildered. I was PISSED OFF that the pain had consumed everything about my life.

My life was becoming smaller and smaller, narrow and dimly lit. I was a shell of my former self. 

Mind: dysfunctional, like murky water. Body: weak and unreliable. Jobs: lost. Finances: ruined. Relationships: non-existent. Love: missing in action. Joy: hard to remember. Outlook: dismal. State of mind: scared beyond belief. Life: destroyed.

It seems crazy now to recognize that my journey was a gift. Yes, a gift that was wrapped in a challenge…but a gift nonetheless. An absolute, undeniable, unequivocal blessing that I would never give up or wish differently. 

I didn’t have the wherewithal then to see that my greatest challenge would become my greatest blessing. But it has. I can now see that poor health is what had me backing off from my frantic need to achieve (as much as I resisted it). Poor health allowed me to revalidate my priorities and desires. Poor health gave me perspective. Poor health forced me to get in touch with qualities that I an easy life doesn’t require: courage, conviction, tenacity (and so much more). Poor health brought me back to myself.

It’s made me who I am. It’s been the greatest gift I can imagine. 

There’s always two ways to look at any situation in life: in a way that disempowers you or in a way that empowers you. In a way that focuses on lack or abundance. In a way that sees limitation or recognizes opportunity. 

It’s always a choice. 

I choose to believe that health challenges are a GIFT. As long as you choose to see it that way. As long as you are open to the possibility and the lesson!

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