Two-Step Dairy-Free Parfait (recipe)

Yummy Parfait

Let’s give a woot woot! for this delicious dessert that can be made in two, yes TWO, steps and with only 2-4 ingredients. It’s (of course) dairy, gluten, and even sugar free. Doesn’t get any better than this. Are you ready?



This is going to be an easy two-stepper: scrape and blend.

Take 1-4 young coconuts and open them (use the CocoJack to save your fingers!). 

After dumping the delicious coco water into a glass, scrape out the meat (CocoJack comes with a scraper too) and put it in a blender with a small amount of coconut water (save the rest to drink).

Blend on high. Optionally, add fresh banana and/or fresh or frozen berries. 

Voila – that’s it! 

To make it special, put the parfait into a champagne flute or sweet little bowl (in this photo, I blended raspberries and added strawberry on top and used a bigger wasabi bowl). 

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One Thought on “Two-Step Dairy-Free Parfait (recipe)

  1. Marcie, this looks amazing!!!
    Need to get the Cocojack:-)

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