The Two Ways to Change Your Life

The 2 Ways To Change Your Life

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I’m going to get right to the point. When it comes to changing your life, whether you want more vibrant health, increased happiness, more connection, etc, there are really just two ways to go about it.


  1. Own your stories and take personal responsibility for your experience of life by carefully choose your attitudes, beliefs, and interpretations about yourself, your body, and how you see the world.
  2. Take action.


Both ways are, on one hand, fairly simple concepts. And, it’s a journey.


You may or may not have learned how to take personal responsibility – meaning to own your experience of life and recognize how you are in fact creating whatever experience you are having. Most of us did not have it modeled, and it’s a journey stepping into full accountability. Recognizing that even though your circumstances may not be your choice, your thoughts and beliefs are a choice, and they certainly affect how your circumstances impact your level of happiness and overall experience.


For instance, you can believe that:

  • it’s too hard to be healthy
  • it’s too expensive to eat healthy
  • I don’t have the time to take care of myself so I can’t be healthy
  • losing weight is too hard for me
  • being happy/healthy is beyond my control
  • I don’t know what to do
  • what works for others won’t work for me


Or, you can choose to believe:

  • it’s doable to be healthy
  • there are ways to eat healthy on a budget (may require some creativity)
  • I will take the time to be healthy and take care of myself (I’m worth it!)
  • my weight will naturally stabilize in a healthy place as I create healthy habits and self-love
  • being healthy and happy are choices I get to make
  • I am capable of getting support to figure out what to do
  • I can create what I want for my life!


We also get to choose to take action (or not), and what actions to take, where we place our focus and attention. Are your actions moving you TOWARD or AWAY FROM what you claim you want for your life?

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