The Solution to Chronic Dieting

The Solution to Chronic Dieting

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Caution! The following guidance may seem counterintuitive…


One of the crucial things that can get lost in the crusade to get healthy, have more energy, be fitter, lose weight…is FUN. 


It can be all-consuming (pun intended) to be in this rigid, restrictive, focused, determined, place of denying yourself that it’s easy to lose sight of PLEASURE, enjoyment and old-fashioned fun. The very idea of having to be better, having to work at it, preparing oneself for a fight can set us up to fail.


And yet, pleasure and rejuvenation – smiling, laughter, movement, silliness, self-expression, etc – are exactly what we need to retrain the body. It is from this place that we move away from the fight/flight/freeze response and into the healing/relaxation response, from which all healing (strengthening immune system, fighting off disease, weight loss) happens. 


The solution?

Recognize when you are using food to get fun, enjoyment or pleasure and realize you can get those needs met in other ways. And don’t be hard on yourself when you use food – just be conscious of it. 


No more denial of pleasure, especially non-food pleasure! Find enjoyment, fun, ecstasy in your daily life. Look for ways to be self-expressed: through movement (I’ve been loving dance classes and zooming around on my hoverboard), sharing your truth, and letting yourself been seen, heard and understood.


It’s the little things as much as the bigger. Notice the breeze on your face or the tingle of your breath moving through your body. Appreciate the softness of your skin and how good it feels to run your fingers over your arms or face. Hug someone. Make eye contact with a dog. Let yourself have down time to rejuvenate (recover as much as you push).


Integrate pleasure into each day. Feel how good it is to be alive!

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