The Mindset of Change That Works

The Mindset of Change (That Works)

Everyone who seeks me out is looking for a different experience – they want something to change in their lives. Sometimes it’s weight or other health concerns, sometimes it has to do with a feeling of happiness and well being.

In my years of coaching and working with clients (not to mention my own long journey), I’ve really had the opportunity to analyze and understand what works and doesn’t work when it comes to making changes – and why.

There’s definitely a right and not-so-right way to approach making changes, i.e., an effective and ineffective way to implement change (I don’t like using the terms right and wrong which infer judgment).


The Ineffective Way to Initiate and Make Changes

  • waiting until the pain, discomfort or suffering (physical, emotional, financial, mental or spiritual) is too much to bear, THEN being willing to change
  • not recognizing¬†change as a CHOICE
  • wanting to change because you dislike yourself or something about yourself, or see yourself as intrinsically flawed or deficient
  • thinking that getting a certain result (losing weight/change in body, etc) will create what you want (happiness, well-being, etc)
  • looking for a short cut or magic pill
  • lack of consistency, not sticking with it long enough to see results
  • thinking you can do it alone – and getting frustrated and believing you can’t when nothing happens (it was the lack of support, NOT you)
  • not being aware of what you’re learning along the way
  • losing faith in yourself, letting the outcome affect your feeling of worthiness, and staying stuck; letting the ‘failure’ reinforce negative self beliefs


The Effective Way to Initiate and Make Changes

  • course correcting – making changes prior to break down (don’t wait until you are emotionally or financially challenged)
  • recognizing that change is a choice – you can stay the same and keep getting more of what you have…or you can CHOOSE something different for yourself
  • wanting to change because you love, honor and respect yourself too much to continue down a path that isn’t honoring or worthy of who you know you are and what you deserve
  • recognizing that happiness comes from within, not from looking a certain way, accomplishments, etc (external manifestations)
  • not expecting a short cut or magic pill, being willing to do the work and invest in yourself with time, energy, attention, focus and support
  • consistency – giving the change long enough to make a difference for you and see results
  • getting appropriate support – realizing that we are not meant to struggle alone and finding a community and especially an experienced mentor for guidance
  • recognizing the growth, learning and evolution that is an important part of the journey…and enjoying the journey
  • knowing that no matter what, you are worthy; reaching a goal simply adds to that feeling/experience of worthiness


It’s not just WHAT you do, it’s HOW you do it.


Peace and blessings,


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