The Health Success Formula

The Health Success Formula

Preparation + Consistency = Success!



  • remove inflammatory foods from your house
  • visit local farmer’s market, healthy grocery store, join a CSA (community supported agriculture), and make sure you have healthy ingredients to stock your kitchen.
  • Cook extra large meals so you’ll have leftovers for other meals.
  • Make sure you have a quality protein shake and blender bottle for on-the-go meal with plenty of protein


  • Stick to an anti-inflammatory diet as much as possible.
  • Get plenty of sleep, starting early.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces (minimum) – track it until it’s a habit.
  • Get the right amount of exercise (not too much not too little)
  • Focus on the positive, what is working and use what isn’t working as information (NOT as a way to get down on yourself)
  • Cultivate an empowering mindset; become your own best cheerleader!
  • Remember that you are supported, guided, safe and protected by the Universe (God or whatever you believe). Everything that happens is part of your soul growth!
  • Create a social network that supports a healthy lifestyle
  • Build in accountability and someone who believes in you (even when you don’t)

Success CAN be yours!






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