Webinar: The 7 Common Mistakes on the Way to Health and Happiness (Webinar Replay)

The 7 Common Mistakes on the Way to Health and Happiness (Webinar Replay)

During my years in practice, I’ve spoken to and worked with hundreds of people wanting improved health, healthy weight, consistent energy, more happiness and prosperity, and to feel VIBRANT and CONNECTED to the life they’re living.

Many of the people who come to me have a definite interest in health/nutrition, want to get into the health industry themselves or are already a doctor, nurse, therapist, or psychologist who want improved personal health so they’ll know how to help their patients. Others who seek me out just feel that something is missing.

So I’ve been in a prime position to see the fallacies and mistakes people are making, without even realizing what they are doing is not helpful, or in some cases creating additional issues. They have good intentions but simply don’t know better.

Also, the *timing* and *order* is important.

I also used to be the person who didn’t know any better – I made a LOT of mistakes with my health!

It took 16 years, consulting with more doctors than I can count, and over $300,000 spent (out of pocket) for me to figure things out! I’ve literally tried almost everything (including some very fringe things).

That’s why I’m here – so YOU don’t have a super long or expensive road in front of you. This is your chance to take the ‘short cut’!

Special opportunity!! – $47 consult (regularly $299)

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