Stepping Into Self Love

Stepping Into Self Love


Did you catch the solar eclipse just now? Wow…lots of energy! With it comes a shift in consciousness and new possibility…the chance to step into daring changes, especially creativity, joy and leadership. This is the time to get clear on your truth and to speak it. Time to let go of the old, and create what you want! 

And most of all, this is the time to love yourself. Fully. Completely. Unconditionally.


Self-love. It’s a concept that has been talked about almost relentlessly in personal development circles. But what does it mean? How does one put it into practice?


Truly and unconditionally loving myself is something I struggled with for the loooongest time. I was confusing confidence for self-love, self-care for self-love (it’s part of it but definitely not all!), and believing in myself for self-love (that’s closer but only part of it).


The people around the world who seek me out for mentoring are also looking for the feeling of love – it’s just mistaken for health upgrades like weight management, disease reversal or prevention, increased energy, aging backward, etc. They come to me for health stuff… and get an entire life upgrade 😉


It’s what we all want: the feeling of being IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF 


When I finally got it and fully stepped into self-love (it’s an ongoing practice with specific stepping stones), my life changed! Life became sparkly and new, I felt worthy regardless of anything external. I felt inner resilience – that I was fine (really fine) no matter what changes or chaos or situations occurred. I no longer needed to prove myself, to myself, let alone others. I stopped being concerned about what others thought. Relationships became deeper. I trusted myself! People were drawn to me before I said a word. I was so filled up, giving became easy and as natural as breathing.


It was like a 1,000 pound weight had been lifted off my back! And my clients experience the same. 


At the beginning, self-love was like a weak muscle that needed strengthening and reinforcing (like any new thing we take on). Having mentors through this time made all the difference – when I’d fall, they would be there to remind me of the truth and get me back on track. It’s still a practice, but trust me it gets easier 😉


Self-love means:

  • I choose my thoughts and feelings – no one else can (this is my sacred right).
  • I love myself too much to not be in my truth – to say or act in a way that is out of alignment.
  • I love myself too much to stuff down my feelings – instead, I feel them and let them pass through me without getting stuck in the story.
  • I love myself too much to choose to embrace or stay in feelings that aren’t creating what I want – instead, I choose to shift and let go of the rest.
  • I love myself too much to get derailed (lose my inner peace) – by anything.
  • I love myself too much to let how others treat me affect what I believe or how I treat myself – I am strong with myself. Only I can decide how I feel (no one can make me feel an emotion).
  • I love myself too much to engage in behaviors that dishonor my beautiful self – instead I choose to I course-correct when I get off track (my inner wisdom will tell me if I listen). 
  • I choose to be conscious and at-choice.
  • I choose to take responsibility – no blame for others or myself.
  • NO MATTER WHAT I won’t give up on myself. 


This is what I want for you – for everyone! Can you imagine a world where everyone loves themselves? Get in touch to learn more…

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