Soul Driven Success

Soul Driven Success


Quick story…I was working for a large corporation as an analyst. The money and benefits were good, there were parts of the job I enjoyed (like flowcharting, designing user interfaces and writing specs)…but it was a job. It felt like work. Nothing wrong with a job…except it didn’t connect with the most important parts of myself.


I felt like I was being suffocated. My soul was crying – not to mention my body. I was in the thick of chronic illness, in the evenings educating myself in all things health (resenting my job for taking me away from my research). I’d wake up dreading the day, feeling stiff from sitting in my office all day, attending monotonous meetings (that rarely served a purpose), wishing I was somewhere else, counting the hours and minutes until work was done for the day. 


A profound part of my journey was finding my way beyond what I assumed was the only way. Being open to another way, willing to take a risk, color outside the lines, follow my passion, and create a life that fit me versus me trying to fit it


Using all the knowledge, research, (and later) formal education along with my own personal experience to make a difference for my clients felt completely different: like my heart was receiving nutrients it had gone without forever. Living my purpose became a source of satisfaction, fulfillment and joy!


If you’ve ever had an inkling there’s something more for you, it’s time for Soul Driven Success. Find out how to Live Your Purpose and create fulfillment too!


I was invited to speak on this free online event – I chose the topic of the power of authentic self-expression. Honestly, it’s something that can’t be overlooked. 


And check out these other fine souls who will be disseminating their wisdom…



I hope you’ll join us!


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