Healthy No-Bake Raw Cookie Recipe

Healthy No-Bake Raw Cookies
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I adapted this no-bake cookie recipe to be healthier (with an extra anti-oxidant punch), and yesterday made them in less than 10 minutes! 
This is a fun one to make with your kids because you can mix and form into cookies by hand (which makes kids more likely to eat them). Because of the combination of protein, fiber and healthy fat, these cookies are healthy enough to give your kids for breakfast or take on the road with you. If your kids’ school is nut-free, simply use a seed butter instead.
Ingredients (click for links)
Combine dry ingredients then mix in nut/seed butter and honey. Add hot water. Mix and form into cookies. Put in fridge until solid. Can be frozen to eat later. 
I used hempseed and did a combination of cashew and walnut butter, plus more spirulina for increased amino acids, antioxidants and iron.
Feel free to tweak the amounts of each ingredient so your kids like them more (include them in the process), as this recipe is definitely ‘healthy’ tasting yet still delicious.
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