chronic illness

Chronic Illness

Young ill woman crying while looking at mirrior in bathroom

When it comes to chronic health struggle, the physical stuff is just one piece of the picture.


Relentless pain chips away at your beliefs about yourself. Intense fatigue and tiny scraps of energy makes you question what you are really capable of (and if you’re unrealistic to think you could do so much more). Foggy mind, having to fight for focus or clarity, can cause depression and grieving over what has been lost or is inaccessible. Chronic insomnia can feel like insanity. The confusion of doing everything ‘right’ but not seeing results. Every day a struggle for existence. Never sure what you’ll be capable of or what you can expect from body or mind. Having to be extremely careful of energy expenditures. Determined to hang on to an abundance mindset in the midst of scarcity. Fighting to return to who you really are — yet losing sight of the buried truth with every passing day.


In my 23-year health journey, I’ve been through it all. I know what it’s like. I know it’s not “all in your head”. I get it. It’s one of the reasons my clients choose me to work with – being understood is so healing. I combine inner healing with outer strategy.¬†


If you are dealing with chronic illness, we should talk!




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