B-Vitamin Deficiency

5 Signs of B12 Deficiency


As you age (and especially if you’re a vegetarian or take heartburn medication), your body’s ability to absorb B12 decreases. Autoimmune disorders can also inhibit absorption. If you are deficient, you need to find out and address it right away…before things get worse.


1. Unexplained fatigue – that goes on for weeks or months (lack of red blood cell production)

2. Forgetfulness – chronic forgetfulness (may seem like senility)

3. Dizziness or vertigo – feeling wobbly 

4. Vision issues – blurriness, double vision, tracers, or light sensitivity (blocked blood vessels)

5. Pins and needles or numbness throughout the body (poor red blood cell production)


The best way to know for sure if these are symptoms of a vitamin deficiency is with lab work (blood).


Here’s a supplement to try. I like this for optimal absorption and the combo of folate, biotin, pantothenic acid (good for the skin), and Thorne is a quality brand.

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