Awareness Creation

Awareness Creation Exercise


The health journey, like the life journey, is about creating awareness and understandings…of yourself, your body, life and others. These insights allow the possibility of choice…and change (if you desire).


How do you respond when triggered? You know, that instant flare-up of emotion after stimulus? For instance, if someone cuts you off in traffic, how do you respond? Do you get mad/angry, do you get resentful, do you feel it in your body, do you feel victimized (how dare they… or blaming, because of you…) – what comes up for you?


This is key information. Why? Because how we react when triggered (an extreme situation) is how we are probably reacting in other situations. So if your “go to” is to get mad in traffic, you probably are holding on to anger at your body, people in your life (family, friends, even strangers), etc.¬†


For the next week or so, pay attention to how you respond when triggered.


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