How to Age Backwards (Are You Aging Backwards? Or Just Aging?)

As you know, after a decade and a half of chronic illness, I was able to reverse my most of my symptoms and regain my health. Since then, I have been told again and again how *young* I look. My age is usually estimated around 10 years younger (they are astounded when they find out I'm 41)! My skin is clearer than ever, my energy is consistent, and I have my mojo back (wink). Plus, my friends notice a sparkle that wasn't there before, a certain something that seems different – I really feel like I'm aging backwards! ( see my interview on The Wellness Hour). 

Hey, it hasn't hurt that recently (trying out the personalized nutrition program I'm now offering to my clients), I lost those last hard-to-lose 10 pounds, dropped my body fat by several percentages, lost 2 inches around my waist, and saw everything miraculously tighten up! This program really works!!
I've said it before and again I want to emphasize that it's not about looking a certain way. I strongly believe that attractiveness comes in all shapes and sizes! And accepting your body is incredibly important! This is about protecting your future NOW by creating sustainable wellness, and that does include being at a healthy weight – and even more so *feeling* amazing. I WANT ALL MY PEEPS LIVING AN OUT-LOUD, EXUBERANT LIFE!!

Are You Aging Backwards? 

Think of children – how they live in a state of excitement, constantly moving, with boundless energy, they are inquisitive and curious and uninhibited, and easily fall asleep.

Ways to tell you are aging backwards:


  • You sleep deeply and wake up feeling energized, excited and ready for the day
  • Your appetite is strong 3 times a day, and you can go 5-7 hours between meals without effect and without cravings
  • You don't get an energy lag during the day – you are able to accomplish what you need to do
  • You have at least one bowel movement per day (sorry, it had to be said LOL!)
  • You have a good relationship with food – you use it for energy not for entertainment, distraction, comfort or reward
  • You have a profound sense of well-being and confidence
  • Your strong body supports your ambitions, goals, and dreams
  • Your able mind aids you in making it happen – your thinking is clear, memory is strong, and it is easy to stay focused
  • Your body wants to MOVE (a sure sign that you are eating right – the protein FOXA2 is activated!)
  • You love being in your body…your body feels like a pair of shoes that fit just right
  • You express playfulness and creativity
  • You feel a strong sense of equanimity and serenity
  • You feel aligned with your life and the world
Hey, I'm not saying you'll feel this way continuously…but more often than not! 🙂 It's possible!

HOW to Age Backwards

Ok, so you read the list above and realized you aren't aging backwards (or not as much as you'd like to be). 

Here's how to age backwards:

  • You have patience and compassion for yourself.
  • You are regularly asleep by 10pm nightly for optimized restoration.
  • You spend time actively appreciating and giving thanks for each and every miracle in your life…and guess what?! Everything is a miracle!
  • Notice those critical, ego-based thoughts, and decide if they are worth listening to ~ and choose instead to create supporting thoughts and beliefs!
  • You let life be a journey (rather than a race to the finish line), and enjoy the moment by being fully present.
  • Hear and respond to your body's communications (pleas for help!): headaches, extra weight, poor sleep, fatigue, stomach pain, gas, bloating, skin issues, congestion, trouble with memory or focus, etc., can all be signs of your body reacting to the foods you are eating, environmental toxins, parasites, candida, infections, etc. Be a detective, then take action.
  • You choose whole, nutritionally-dense foods and avoid empty calories.
  • Reduce/eliminate inflammatory foods (especially if you have any digestive issues or brain fog): gluten, dairy, sugar, artificial colors/sweeteners, soy, corn, grains in general, and for some, nuts or eggs can be an issue.
  • No matter how busy your life is, you structure self-care into your schedule (whatever that means for you) so you feel nurtured and supported.
  • You cook most of your own meals (or someone in your household does) so you know exactly what you're getting. Restaurants tend to use low-quality oils and additives (like sugar). 
  • Always consider the source! If we eat hormone-injected, corn and soy plumped up meats, we'll plump up too! Make sure your animal protein comes from clean sources: meat is organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, pasture raised (just say NO to CAFOs), fish is wild (vs farmed "sustainable"), eggs are cage-free, pastured and not fed soy or corn ("vegetarian").
  • Daily movement is an important part of your life, and you strength-train at least twice per week (as we age, we lose muscle mass).
  • You believe the universe is supporting and protecting you, and other people have good intentions.
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of pure water every day.
  • Breathe deeply and fully.
  • You make healthy eating, with various colored vegetables, a consistent daily part of your life. 
  • You are true to yourself, and follow through with your commitments to create self-trust.
  • When you eat, you only eat (without multi-tasking).
  • You set yourself up for nutritional success by planning ahead.


This is a gift I want for everyone…the gift of not having to wonder if your body will give out before your mind. 
If you want guidance in aging backwards, I have several openings for individual coaching – apply here
Sending you warm wishes ~ let's age backwards together!


Your Ambassador of Wellness!












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