A Big Piece of The Puzzle

A Big Piece of the Puzzle

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Your outside world mirrors your internal landscape…


Holy W-O-W, this year has already been full and exciting and full of change. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time with change, transition, and uncertainty. I like to know what to expect. I’m a planner. I am drawn to stability, security, comfort. I like to know what to expect. Ambiguity feels like my worst enemy.


When things change too quickly, I can spin out. Even if the changes are good. Even when I’m passionate and excited and in alignment. 


So what’s the solution to gracefully handling change and newness? TRUST. Trust is a profound piece of the puzzle of a healthy, happy life.


When you trust the journey of life, trust yourself, trust your body and trust others, anything can happen and you know you’ll be fine (or better than fine). You know you can handle it, you know you are strong enough, you know no matter what happens, you will emerge victorious.



Look back at your life, especially at the challenging parts. Can you see that each and every struggle served a purpose? Can you see that you were able to emerge stronger, with more clarity and conviction because of these experiences? This is one basis of trust. 


Choosing trust over fear is a crucial part of inner power. Whenever I lose sight of trust, life generously lets me know. Trust is a choice we get to make again and again. 


Whatever you feel inside, your external world will reflect that. 


Love, Marcie

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