the real cause of inflammation

The Real Cause of Inflammation


Many years ago, my boyfriend at the time told me, “You are 10 pounds away from perfection.” I know he meant it as a compliment to be so close to perfect…but what I heard was that I was too far away to ever be perfect, that it was unachievable. The truth is, it broke my heart that he believed that and that I felt so incapable of doing anything about it. 


You see, I had spent most of my life trying to lose that very ten pounds. Correction: I had spent my whole life trying to be perfect so I’d (finally) be lovable.


No matter what, I couldn’t get that weight to go away. I’d been HATED that weight, and by extension my body, and therefore I hated myself (it’s all one).


Years prior, I had revolutionized my eating habits, detoxed from inflammatory foods, and lost a bunch of weight (at once point I was quite a bit heavier)…but that wasn’t enough. It was those stubborn, mean, rude, hateful last.ten.pounds.


The thing is, I hadn’t detoxed my emotional state. Namely, my relationship with myself. When you have low vibration feelings, especially about yourself, it affects your body…your life…everything you attract in…everything you create or can create for your life.


Low vibration emotion is inflammatory


If you are living with low vibration energy, you’re hanging on to stuff you don’t want.

There’s just no way around this fact. 


If you haven’t detoxed your body or your energy, and you’re ready and willing to, let’s talk.

Simply email me ( and tell me what’s going on for you and why you think you’re ready to invest in coaching or fill out an application. If I can help, I’ll tell you. If I can’t help, I’ll tell you. I’m in the business of truly making a difference, once and for all!

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